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GAINS: So damn quick!

GAINS: So damn quick!

WHY is it that during the first month/s of PE it is so easy to gain size, but then it starts getting a lot harder to get bigger?

If i were to suddenly stop PE for a while and then re-start would this bring back the fast-gains?

ps. I am young and have gained about 1/2” length and girth in the first 10weeks but since haven’t seemed to gain anything. I have not simply gained ”back” what i have lost over the years because I am only 22.

Good question. I have a theory. Remember, this is based only on my experience and interest in mechanics, physics, science and physiology.

I believe that most men have some “stretch” in their penis and the exercises maximize this first. Once that is done the gains must come from either EXTRA stretch and/or new tissue growth. The benefit of extra stretch is questionable because the tissue must remain functional.

Anyone who has studied even basic biology should realize that permanent gains in actual tissue mass of 10% to 100% or more(length and girth gains) just isn’t realistic in a few weeks time. Actual muscle tissue (which the penis is not made of) will swell with fluid and glycogen and blood when trained but will shrink back fairly quickly with rest. Only after months and years of work will the tissue grow in true mass. I believe it is the same for the penis. The tissue initially stretches and then over time grows. The rate of growth depends on MANY variables but the theory is sound.

In my own experience I gained 3/4” in length within 10 weeks from flaccid stretching. I then worked on girth with jelking and gained 3/8”. Since that time I have gained very slightly but the gains have been solid. Good luck and dig in for the duration :)

I would say Notenough sums it up very well.

I gained about 0.5”x0.5” in 3-4 weeks of PEing 1.5years ago.
After that I had a plateau, gained a little more, then plateau again and so on. The gains these days come from very intense workouts several times a day. I only can stand to do that for a couple of weeks, then I only squeeze when I fel for it on and off.



My own theory is that the easy gains at the first are actually reclaiming what is yours but is not yet fully actualized. After this point the process is slow and mostly steady but keeping in mind that more tissue may take more work to make additional progress. How much is the right amount varies with the individual.

I think many begin to overtrain when their gains slow down in an effort to keep up a rate of gains that cannot be realistically sustained.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

quick gains

I am new to PE and am also getting good gains. I too think it is regaining and some building. I have a question, I can stretch out to 7” bpnel when jelking. What can I do to get this when erect. I kegel, and my ejaculations were never like this. I have probably gained an inch or so erect. The erections are much harder and thick. I am almost 50, but I think PE will keep me going until I am 90. After that, I may lose interest in sex.

your main problem as you age is whether your sex partner will be interested in sex.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

sex partner

I have never been married, and do not have a wife now. I intend to get one that will be more than willing. I am just growing a 9” er in preparation. I had a girlfriend, and she thought 6x6 was big.I am going to show her my new one, to rub it in a little.

When weight lifting if you continue from hs until around say 26 you will reach a point where you might only gain 5 pounds on bench press a year, something to do with biology keeps you from getting too big, makes it so you can only gain so much muscle .. maybe thats the reason?

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