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Gains permanent or temporary?

Gains permanent or temporary?

Hi guys,
I have decided to stop PE for a while until I feel my problems have gone away totally. I was having ED and so far I have noticed some improvements in erection. Before quitting I worked out my penis one last time, focusing more on the underside to develop that part. I noticed my erection angle to be better and the penis having less difficulty maintaining the weight.

My question is, so far so good, but will these gains go away if I leave PE? I thought Jelq and stretching contributed to permanent gains. And one other thing, when completely flaccid, does the head seem cold sometimes? Is this normal?



Some people have reported small loses and some none. No one has reported major loses. The only loses I have ever had is when I dont cement a gain, so if you stop right after getting a gain you might lose that gain only.



If the glans is cold, circulation to your genitals is poor. You should either dry jelq to improve circulation when this occurs and/or take a supplement to increase blood flow to the area such as l-arginine. The best way to increase circulation is to adhere to a kegel routine. The bottom line is increased circulation = increased pe results.


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