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Gains halted.

Gains halted.

Well Ive been at this for about 4 months. Gains from stretching have totally stopped, and jelqing works pretty much only in girth gains for me.
Even after I’m totally warmed up, And I tug on it to do stretches, there is never any soreness or strong feelings of it being worked. I gained an initial 1/2 in length almost all in the first week, Ligament gains obviously. So I am at a turning point, and I think the road I’m going to choose is a pump. I figured I could hang, preferably with the redi-stretcher, But I will buy my pump first, One that is 3 inches over my BPEL, and barely over my girth measurement, length gains are what I’m going for, and also the huge blood flow increase by pumping.

I also want to increase my flaccid hang, and I was reading about one of the members here who used a cock ring for 4-5 hours after pumping and it hugely affected his flaccid hang. What do you all think about this proposed idea?

First of all, are you using heat? Heat is an essential element of stretching, so I have to ask.

Also, how long and with what intensity are you jelqing?

I’m also incorporating pumping in a similar way to what you propose, i.e. basically “packing the pump” with a tube a few inches more than my length. But I’m just using it as one piece of the puzzle.

Fowfers are supposed to be good for increasing flaccid hang. Have you tried those?

Yeah I use a rice sock which I found to work much better than my infra-red lamp. My jelqing varies. I usually start with about a 30% and do them pretty strong until I almost have an erection, And with the kegel-jelq technique (Kegel before you let go and start up with other hand) my veins really bulge, like they get huge. I have tried fowfers but I think my main problem is the blood is leaving too fast, hence the wrist wrap after pumping idea.

What were your gains with you packing the pump so far?

Originally Posted by ironaddict69
What were your gains with you packing the pump so far?

It’s too soon to tell, and besides, as I said, I’m just using it as one element in the Peter Dick Method.


For what it is worth, I have been pumping for some time and in my opinion, all of my length gains have come from jelq and ads.

I will “blame” pumping for my increase in girth.

If you are going to pump for length I like 15 minute sessions seperated by 10 minutes of jelqing.

That is what I have been doing and it really seems to beat me up.

Good luck.

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Thanks Kdoc, I am a firm believer in ADS devices, however I don’t think I could ever bring myself to wear one all day.

I really don’t want a whole lot of girth, unfortunately I am already almost 7 at the base. However, If i get a pump I almost pack, there is only one way this damn thing is going to go! =)

Something very simmilar just happened to me.

Gained very easily and then stopped. I went from 10 to 15 minutes of basic manual stretches and in 2 weeks I had no gains AT ALL. Started to do A-Stretches and gained 0.2” in 4 days (no bull). o.o’

I’m going to take it that your a member that knows what he’s doing in the PE department so I won’t recommend new routines or making sure you do things properly. I say you should keep going on for a few more weeks as you are probably cementing your gains at the moment. Then maybe take a couple of weeks off to decon, and then get back into it and see what happens in those first few weeks back. That’s only my opinion anyway.

19th Feb 2012

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Well, I did recently find out that most people stretch overhand!? I’ve always been doing an under hand grip right below the head.

So if I were to do hanging and pumping, I would hang first, heat up again, Then pump. I think that would bring some pretty good gains. Anyone know what this “wrist wrap” thing is people use after pumping to keep the flaccid hanging full? I read someone did that for 5 hours after each pumping session and gained about 2’ on his flaccid, and it’s got much more girth.

Hi ironaddict

I have your problem too.

I gaind one inch in the first 4 months and thats it no more length gain.

I read the DLD stretch and tried it last night and I really felt the differnce in my base after the stretch.

What I did basically was 100 quick kegle while stretching upwards . Then I did 5 seconds kegle and then stretch with 5 seconds reverse kegle. I did that 50 times.

Man , I really felt that my ligaments were stretched.

I will try it for one month and what I like you to do is to try it too and let see around chrismas time we see the result.

good idea?

Great idea!

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