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Gains Gains Gains

Gains Gains Gains

Just measured today with my measuring tape and I am now 6 3/8 NBPEL WOOOOOOO!. Kingpole gave me this routine to follow and IT IS WORKING. Thank you sooooo much hahahaha. Last measurement about 3 months ago was 6 inches NBPEL. I started kingpoles routine about a month ago. I am very excited. 1 5/8 to go in length. Pressing onward.!


Precept upon Precept,
Glory to Glory! =)

Hey, congrats on the gains! Mind sharing the routine with the rest of us?

Originally Posted by gone620
Was wonder what the “Smartest” Jelq routine would be, As far as reps and rest days are concerned. Should I do a 1 on 1 off routine? I am also pumping (1) 15 minute set in the morning and evening at least. In the future I will be building up to doing a set every 3-4 hours on my off days, And twice on the days that I work. So I am wanting the best beneficial exercises I can incorperate into my pump routine. I am getting way harder erections because of pumping and my veins are starting to stick out more. That is definately a good sign for gains. Through all the threads that I have read, Having harder erections and buldging veins were signs for gains to come. I just want to do this right. I am NBPEL of 6 and 5 girth. I want primarily Length but unfortunately all that I have gained from hanging is a 1/2 of an inch and that was some time back. So any advice on any type of stretches I can do for length is greatly appreciated. That is what I want most, Is length but my final goal will be 8 x 6. So any girth is appreciated. So if you want to think a good routine through I can follow for rest days etc.. I would be more then happy to follow it and tell you the results I get. Thanks

Pumping and jelqs should be done on the same day.
Edging or ballooning on off days.
Warm up for jelqing and pumping with fowfers. Bed fowfers you can do when you fall asleep.

You need to know when to back off of E. This is indicated by erection level the next day. You want to get a good 100% erection either by manipulation or morning or night wood.

Long slow jelqs seem to work the best, all growers I come in contact with use light grips and long slow 3-5 second jelqs. I say make last 8 seconds if you can. Sounds like eternity but it feels good and you really get plump.

Sample work out 3 days per week, heavier routines should only be done 3 days per week with rest days between.

Fowfers to warm up and get stretched 10 minutes to an hour, these exercises are so passive you forget your doing them.
Pump 20-6o minutes
Jelq 10-20 strokes
Fowfers to stretch and warm down.
Repeat Wednesday and Friday

I’m not a pumper but this seems like a good schedule.

What is your BPEL I’m guessing 7” you are already in the big category. You have had good gains.

Kingpole is the man. Haha, More people should listen to the guy.

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