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Gains are not permanent?


Originally Posted by avantasia

oh, I see.


Current stat = NBPEL - 6.235", BPEL - 7.000".. Mid EG - 5.063".. Base EG - 5.750" BPSFL - 7.3125 ------ Old stats = NBPEL - 6.000", Mid EG - 5.000

Goal stat = NBPEL - 7.750", BPEL - 8.250".. Mid EG - 6.000".. Base EG - 6.500" ------ Goal Length gains - 1.515". Girth gain - 1.000"

:dance: Need a workout log? I've got one Here. :-pulse:

“Cementing” is a word that sounds reassuring. Unfortunately, there is no proof to be anything more! Veterans’ experience however shows that a light maintaining regimen keeps the gained size pretty well…

Starting BPEL: 6.9" (Dec.1st, 2008)

Current BPEL: 8.11" NBPEL: 7.63" BPFSL: 9.09"

Current MEG : 5.6"

I haven’t PE’d much in the last 12 months and I can say for sure I haven’t lost much gains. Maybe .2 or .3 of an inch. The area where my glans meets the shaft, there is a visible deformation.. like the skin was stretched out unnaturally. Some might say that looks “unusual” but it’s bigger so I am happy. I can say this has stayed the same regardless of long breaks. This area is only .4 or .5 of an inch or so. Other larger gains in the shaft itself has also stayed. I never tried to gain much girth so can’t comment on that.

I think the real gains will stay. Same as those neck-ring people (used in every ‘omg buy this pe-manual now!! It’s amazing!’ adverts), but it has a truth in it.

Same goes for elastic materials, if you deform them (stretch them out), do it with some heat, the fibers inside the material will accommodate to the situation, which ends in a loss of elasticity. We are doing basically the same. I’d contribute the main losses due to natural shrinkage with age.

I have been going for 9 months now, stretching and clamping, and recently I`ve been sick with the flu after a week at the cottage where I took a week`s break from PE.

In that two weeks I`ve noticed a retraction of my flaccid hang even though I`ve kept up some light stretching and shrinkwrap ADS.

I think we all have to do some sort of stretching maintenance to keep our gains otherwise we will lose some if not the majority of our gains.

My erect gain of one full inch hasn`t been harmed by the layoff though, but it`s only been two weeks.

I have been asking myself a different but similar question. Just what does it take to keep my gains? People say you need to cement your gains. The problem is, if you completely stop 100%, you’ll lose EQ— sooner or later. It’s just a natural byproduct of getting older (for us guys past the age of 18). Even if you permanently increase the size of your unit, it might seem like it’s shrinking if you stop PEing and lose EQ. At the same time, there are other causes for post-PE losses; the collagenous tissues in your unit will try to retain a certain type of equilibrium. When you stretch those tissues, the natural tendency is for them to pull back, & heal in their original shorter state. However, with consistent PE, many of us have learned that we can eventually get a certain level of permanence in our gains. As people on this thread are saying, you will lose a % of your gains if you stop PEing, but you can (relatively) quickly get back most of your gains later on. I almost completely stopped PEing for over a year, and I definitely had some losses. But now that I’ve started again, I’m actually shocked at how fast things are coming back.


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