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Gains and Stretched Length


Originally posted by fauven
Did you have EL gains along with your FL gains?

Yes, I have gained 0.5” EL, and 1” FSL since starting PE.


Last night I gained 0.5 inches in streched length:) , my streched length has always been the same as my EL. I vaired my program a bit and introduced the V strech.

I now grab my glands with my left hand and put my right hand about an inch away from the base of my dick, I pull out with my left hand (on the glans) and push down as hard as i can with my right hand, i find that i can get a much better strech doing this than by normal streches so thanks whoever thaught of this strech!

Hopefully this follows in some gains in EL also!

has anybody ever “snaped” one of their ligaments from pulling to hard?


Me too Jim5. When I started PE my BPFSL and BPEL were the same, and now my BPFSL is leading by 1/2”, and I think I have gained 1/4” in BPEL.

Right now my FS is about an inch longer than my EL. Everytime my FS makes a gain, sure enough, my EL gains come too. Sometimes it takes a bit, but it does come. It almost has too after a while.

1.25 inches down, 1.75 to go!!!!!! For 8" NBP

no relation really

this has been rehashed for years. No theory as of yet, only anecdotal evidence, which
varies tremendously.

My FS has always been and continues to be longer than EL. The difference is even greater (a
whole inch more) after BTC hangs. Thus, after minimal BTC hangs (which I have ceased doing
now with a low LOT), with the Bib hanger on I can FS over 11 inches. It seems to have nothing
do with EL.

That is my experience but everyone is different. It could have something to do with LOT, since
we are finding, thanks to Bib, how central that is in explaining the genetic component of PE
success I theoretically modelled two years ago.


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