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Gaining whilst dieting?

Gaining whilst dieting?

Has anyone else been able to gain from PE whilst being on a prolonged diet? When I say diet, I don’t mean simply healthy eating, I mean losing fat on a reduced calorie intake, whilst still doing weight training to accelerate fat loss and not lose valuable muscle.

I am just starting a dieting faze to lose the excess fat from the bulking up faze of my training. I am 280 lbs and am going to spend about 2 months to get down to a lean weight.

I am not starving myself at all. I am eating the right amount inorder to lose fat at a medium pace without losing muscle in the process. Although strength and muscle gains will be alot slower compared to when eating lots in a bulking faze, I am still eating just enough for fat loss to occure with small strength and muscle gains at the same time. I am not eating so little that strength and muscle gains are non exsistant, even if slowed considerably.

Should I expect PE gains to be vastly slowed aswel whilst on this fat loss programme? Will my body decide to send what little spare energy there is to my muscles and not send any extra to my dick inorder for the growth to accure?

Anyone who has gained whilst on such a weight loss programme please reply back to me. Anyone who gained whilst on a normal diet but stopped growing more dick when they started dieting, please respond also, if you exsist. Thankyou

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