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Gaining Girth

Gaining Girth

I was wondering if anyone has experimented with fluid build up to gain girth. I use a wrap some times which can cause a fluid build up. When I jelq after there is a build up in fluid I seem to be able to get more girth, I am assuming this is from the pre-stretch of the skin since I jelq until the fluid is gone. It also seems to be a good workout for the glands, more blood from the jelq seems to be forced into the glands until the build up of fluid is gone. I have done this twice now with great results. Just thought I would share the idea & also see if this fluid build up could be harmful or if anyone had done this since I figured it would not that much different than pumping then jelqing.

At this time this is the way I understand it. Fluid buildup will give a temporary gain, but I am not sure and am skeptical about long term gains. The problem I see with fluid buildup is that the fluid comes between the skin and the inner chanbers, and the pressure is pushing against the skin and the chambers as well. This prevents the inner chanbers from stretching and growing (as I understand it now). Therefore, I focus more on the stretching the inside. However, fluid buildup does provide a temporary swelling of the penis, and at times I do this for the apearance.


I do understand that the build up of fluid is not really an effective method of pe. But when I jelq and the fluid is gone, it seems that I can achieve more girth (in the shaft & glands) as I continue to jelq than I do in a normal jelqing session (without the fluid build up).

Oh ok I see. You are asking about building up fluid and then jelqing as a method. I did not read it that way so thanks for clarifying. I don’t remember anyone talking about this in the past. The skin stretch you speak of comes with the wrap for me without any fluid buildup. My experience is that using wrap to build up fluid takes a long long time. I wrap and jelq all the time. I wrap totally expanded way above and beyond a normal erection for 20 minutes and then follow with jelqing about 5-10 times a day several days in a row until I am too sore in the shaft. I am happy to report to the fellas that I am able to jelq more and more both time and aggressively which is good news for me.

I used to try the pump and jelq but it was too painful. However, I was trying to pump for a few minutes and then jelq because I wanted to avoid the fluid buildup. I found that if I pumped for a long period it also was uncomfortable to jelq afterwards.


Yes I have wrap engored after I jelq, but this is a lite wrap which is comfortable & wear for an extended time. I jelq in the morning lite/firm wrap until the afternoon when I jelq again by this time there is a build up of fluid, but not excessive, after I jelq (the fluid is gone) I again put the wrap back on (lite) until the evening, this time there seemed to be more of a fluid build up, then I jelq again/ fluid removed & little guy not so little anymore. I will say the more fluid the more difficult it is to jelq, so the second session i did like this I took off the wrap about an hour before jelqing, which worked well. Like I said i have only done this a couple of time (2) but the results were impressive.


Can you or anyone else elaborate on this.

Dance: “The problem I see with fluid buildup is that the fluid comes between the skin and the inner chanbers, and the pressure is pushing against the skin and the chambers as well. This prevents the inner chanbers from stretching and growing (as I understand it now).”

I never thought of this possible setback.

I am using a penis pump directly B4 PE to see if it would be a good method but I havent had much luck so far with feedback.
If anyone can advise for or against this method, I am listening.
If nobody has truly experimented with PE and a pump, I’ll be the guniea pig and let everyone know my workout and results.

I have pumped off and on for over ten years and I am pretty sure that you will achieve virtually no permanent gains with pumping alone. I do not think it is a good idea to pump before doing real PE. I and others have used the pump after real PE workouts to get a little more stretch and as just a general cooldown.

My advice on pumping is that if you really want to concentrate on permanent penis gains, to put the pump away for awhile. I was not getting any gains while trying to use my pump as a cooldown. I think you should put the pump away for awhile and concentrate on real PE excercises. You can do like I do and occassionally pull out the old pump just for fun to get a monster cock going. For me, getting the occasional monster pumped cock helps to motivate me to get a truely bigger cock from real PE workouts. Plus, I gotta believe if I can add an inch to my cock length, that the pumped cock will be even better and more monsterous!!! LOL I mean, I think my 7” BPEL looks pretty impressive pumped up all huge and thick and I can only imagine how mean the damn thing will look if I pump up an 8 incher!!!


We each have our own experiences with PE, and each also have our individual potentials, seems to me.

I’d just like to add to this thread that I used a pump only, on a very regular basis, for the first 6 months or so of doing PE and did get nice gains - more than an inch in length and that did stick around whether or not I pumped. There was an initial girth increase but, as with jelking, girth’s a major challenge. I now pump and jelk alternately on the same day, same session, 5 days a week sometimes six days a week. In 13 months total of PE, 2.4 inches in length gain (and this is measured normal erection - not just after PE) and 0.5 in girth.

I believe strongly that vacuum pumps, used intelligently and safely, do have a place in many men’s PE programs.




I am willihg to accept that I may be wrong on this point, but your experience would be a huge exception to everything I have ever seen reported on the Internet.

Could you please provide some details as to your “pump only” routine and your current routine? Also, could you please give some idea of your starting measurements? Your gains are incredible and we could all leaarn form you I am sure.


Welcome Avocet !!

I was wondering when you would find this place. Glad to have you aboard. Do me a favor though, if you decide to post your routine/experience on pumping, please do so in the Progress Reports/Personal Routines Forum. We have a “guest” that is ripping off material from all the PE forums and posting it on his own. This won’t stop him, but it will slow him down I think. All the forums except the first three, or is it four, are members only. Thanks !!

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Hugeness and Thunder;

I’ll post to that area and leave a brief note here when I’d done that.

Thanks. Glad I found this place, too. :-) Nice to talk with others who are all on the same page and not abusing each other in the process.




Good to have you aboard and looking forward to your post. I am hoping that maybe there really is a good way to use the pump for “real PE” gains. I love using the damn thing, but have really tried to give it up so that I can concentrate on getting permanent gains. I have no where near your gains, so I am open to hearing anything you can offer.


Posted my program where Thunder said to.



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