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Gaining for once?

Gaining for once?

As many of you know, my penis has been broken for quite a while due to excessive squeezing and stuff. I have never really gained significant length, but was jelqing and doing squeezes for quite a long time before the injury - I never really had a long break. Basically - I injured myself and stopped all PE exercises but didn’t stop getting erect and masturbating.

Lately, I have stopped all forms of sexual activity and masturbation and my flacid length and girth seem to be increasing daily… And when I got erect this morning - it was the first time I actually felt like a man, it looked significantly longer. Is this possible? Can completely leaving my dick alone allow all the hard work to catch up as it heals?

I was going to measure it, but I wanted to leave it a few more days incase I am right - want to measure after it finishes it’s growth… But then again, maybe I am imagining it, but this is unlikely seeing as I never see good things about myself.

Pray for me guys! :D

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

Don’t measure in case your disappointed.Wait till youv healed then PE for a month then measure.I hope you have gained pest and don’t be down on your self.Good things can happen to any of us.I used to be the guy that everything bad happened to but now iv had a baby its give me a new drive in life, My dicks growing I’m losing weight and I’m feeling so healthy.Work at your life pest and perk up dude!

What happens if you pull your dick REALLY hard and pop all the ligaments? Would it make you longer? lol.

By the way, don’t try it out newbies! It’s merely a silly question.

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

What injury do you have PEst, a thrombosis?

Congratulation PEst!

Happy gaining!

Originally Posted by PEst
What happens if you pull your dick REALLY hard and pop all the ligaments?

Sounds frightening to say the least.


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