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Gaining but experiencing erection frequency problems

Gaining but experiencing erection frequency problems


I got the biggest purple spot on the end of my member I have ever had after jelqing last night.

I find that during Jelqing at the moment I am stop starting after every 20 strokes or so to let partial erection subside and for the tissue to soft enough to milk properly. Even when it does subside I find my tissues have become really quite tough to jelq to the point where the end of my member expands on the pull down is really quite painful. Now, the obvious answer is that I am probably jelqing to hard, but if I don’t really grip hard I just can’t squeeze by dick in very far and therefore would surely not be squeezing enough blood into the expansive tissue for growth?! Seniors, your diagnosis please.

I am also experiencing a phase of not waking in the morning with an erection as well as a drop in my libido. Now I have put this down to a combination of having fairly recently had a bout of regular sex with the fact that emotionally this was somewhat of a dissapointment as I was hoping for it to develop into more. Also I am very busy at the moment which means I am quite tired (I have also been experiencing very vivid anxiety dreams with a sort of nightmarish energy to them).

I really don’t want to cut out my jelqing as I recently had a 10 day break, and I think that if I can find a way round these problems I should (I hope and pray) continue to make gains. As I said in a recent thread my BPFSL is now 7”. This is a gain of about a quater of an inch although it doesn’t seem to have converted particularly to erect gains.

What do you reckon people? Can you point me in the right direction?


I think you might have the right diagnosis: you need to cut back a little, and not just in PE. Try to relax & see if you can deal with some of your stressors. (I’m reminded of ‘The Melty Man’ episode of “Coupling”.) Whatever you do, don’t stress about PE!

PE-wise I think you may have some things to consider, too, because my experience has been at least a little similar. I over-did it early in my newbie days & had some erectile, well, not “difficulties”, there was just a lack of enthusiasm on junior’s part. The erections came slowly and the ones I did have were quick to subside. It scared the hell out of me because I’ve never had a problem whatsoever. (I’m 46 and Mrs RBM still complains about my constant state of readiness. I tell her it’s just because I love her. ;) ) I took a 10 day break then got back into it a little less intensly & all was well. I’m not saying to take another long break, just cut back a little. Take an extra day off here & there, and go easier during your routine. Imagine Maggy Thatcher instead of Elizabeth Hurley. :)

My problem was a combination of jelqing with too high of an erection percentage (your problem, too?) as well as a stupid decision on my part to kegel with each jelq stroke, right before I tighten my grip. I can do that now, no problem, but it wasn’t a good idea in week 3. :(

Additionally, when I started having problems was the first time I ever had red spots, too. I think that says something, at least for me.

Good luck!


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Thanks RBM

If I am overtraining it is through too much pressure in my grip as opposed to number of reps. I only do about 200 strokes and I have be PEing for about 4 months. I dont seem to be able to stop my dick getting, if not erect, then at least to tough to jelq. It seems to be a physiological, not a psychological thing (Although thinking of Maggie has stopped me cumming in the past. Thanks Maggie!! ;) )

I think I should increase my kegel workout which has fallen off. I know that kegels work wonders for erectile function.

Has anyone experienced making gains jelqing with a light grip ie. not gripping right to the core of the penile tissue as in the Thunders Place videos. It seems unlikely to me.

Also, does anyone out there ignore the larger purple spots when they occur and do their next days PE regardless; have you experienced as much gain, do you think, as you maybe would have if you have left it?

Cheers guys

Zig, Please do the following right NOW: sit down, relax, take some deep breaths, then understand the following: THERE IS NO PROPER WAY TO JELQ. Jelq slow or jelq fast, jelq with a low level of erection or the opposite. Only try that your jelq is effective: at the same time you are trying to bring blood to the penis head, you must stretch your unit. That´s what it´s all about. Jelq in a very effective execise for PEing.

I hope this helps you out.


Some guys do ignore the spots, I don’t. As Big71 says, there are many paths to gains. I do think you need to keep a tight grip, though,our you aren’t going to build any pressure.

Kegels are always good. :)

Erection problems are usually related to emotional/mental issues rather than physical. If you overdo the intensity and/or amount of PE you can get problems physically but your regimen doesn’t seem to be enough to cause that (unless you’re squeezing ridiculously hard on each stroke). Ease up a little on the intensity until the red spots go away and then build up intensity again. And I agree with RubberBandMan, kegels have always helped when I’ve had even the leats bit of an erection problem (even if that only means not being quite as hard as usual).

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