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Gainers (one inch or more)please respond


Originally posted by Stillwantmore

I've gained 2 and 1/8” to date over the last few years of off and on PE. My best gains to date have come from hanging. The last month and a halfish have yielded 5/8” gain for me. Those arent newbie gains either that's the exciting part to me. So, if I had to say what has worked best for me so far…hanging hands down.

Still, what did your first 1.5” come from? Hanging, manual or both?

I haven’t hit an inch yet… I’ve gained about 80% of an inch (bone pressed) with jelqing and stretching.

Erect bends give length gains? I thought they were for girth.

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I have gained 3 inches in 20 months of PE, most of it as a result of hanging. I did gain about a half inch from DLD’s stretching and jelqing routine. I am now in pursuit of one more inch that I hope to gain from hanging.

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Your incredible bro, you still hanging long hours? Any visits from the neighbor?

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I was hanging with the Grip ,I would like to hang again but I live with my girlfriend and it would be cumbersome.Maybe I will get back to it again if I do not see gains with my current routine. I have not grown since I got back into it a few months ago. Perhaps because I am neglecting to do a hot wrap. I will try that for now and if no gains in another two months I will resort back to hanging .I will probally make my own hanger something similar to bibs. Thanks for welcoming me back

OK Northstar, my pump squeeze goes like this;
After the warm up if you do warmups, do a 2 min stretch routine then pump a 2mm for 2 mins, then with 100% erection, squeeze at the base for about 20 secs. Do about 5 sets of these squeezes then pump another 2 mins at 2 mm pressure. Repeat this sequence about 5 times. WOW WHAT A PUMP.
I do this routine twice daily 5 times a week. Im now at 6.25” girth and had to stop. Dont want to go beyond 6.5” girth.
Wifey starting to give me these funny looks.


1.5 inches within four years with sporadic hanging, milking, manual stretching and praying. Never found a routine that brought me constant results. Also used the grip and the penistretcher. Right now I’m experimenting with a bib stretcher.


I am hanging about 3 hours per day now. I also found a neat way to hang on the road while driving for business trips. I will post about that later.

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>>I also found a neat way to hang on the road while driving for business trips. >>

I can’t fucking wait!!

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Yeah thats got to be a hard thing to explain whilst semi conscious to the fireman as they cut you out of the car. Still going from 90 to 0 really quickly might be a good way of gaining 1/2” really quickly.

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I wonder if he is talking about hanging by hanging the rope (or fishing line, or whatever you may use) attached to the hanger over the wheel. I have thought about doing this many times, but I am a notorious speeder and I would absolutely hate to have to explain this to a police officer. Either that or get shot as I am franticly trying to get the hanger off so that I don’t have to explain it because he thinks I am loading a gun or something. :p

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