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Gained a 1/4" in last 2.5 weeks!!!

Gained a 1/4" in last 2.5 weeks!!!

I have been PEing for about 4 months and gained a little over a 1/4”. I started doing a 5 on 2 off(actually i rest on thursday and sat sun) routine about 2.5 weeks ago. I do JAI stretches in the morning and will lay on my side pulling my dick back between my legs from behind. At night I have been agressively jelquing for abou 15 min with some real hard horses and ulis and then again i do some more stretching like mentioned above. Even a week ago I could barely get 6.25 nbp and 7.5bp. But, last night I noticed that my dick looked much bigger so I pulled out the ruler and got 6.5nbp and 7.75bp!! I had to measure it about 5 times to believe it. I measured again this morning and it is still there :) . Total gains after about 4.5 months are a little over .5” bp and nbp. Hopefully I am doing something right and will be able to report another .25” in another month. I was starting to think that this wasn’t working, but it is!

Hey, FM6

Congrats on your gains man, that’s an awesome gain in that time!! Your routine looks pretty much same as mine. I was just wondering what kind of routine you’re doing with JAI’s? Did you see some chances after about 3 weeks starting them? Asking because I saw noticeable gains after about three weeks after I started doing JAI’s. I’m also curious what way they work the best (=sets or continuous type).

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Awesome gains! Just last week, I started a 2 on/ 1 off schedule with the occasional a.m. and p.m. session. I was doing 5 on / 2 off, but I wasn’t getting anywhere with that schedule (2 months of that). I’m going to give this schedule a couple of months. I guess you just have to try out different things to see how your dick responds. Stroke ‘n’ Learn! :)

Hi M6 congrats on your gains.
About the JAIs - How many of them do you do on one workout?

Keep gaining!!!


Congrats on the great gains! Let us in on your routine and technique for the JAIs :)

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Thanks guys

For the Jai’s I do 3 sets of 20 reps. I sit on the edge of a chair pulling slightly downward(a little bit lower than parallel) for about 2 seconds and then releasing for about 1 second. I don’t pull as hard as I can, but i do give it a nice stretch. I also suck in my stomach for the 2 seconds that I pull. You will start to seriously feel the stretch by the end. I think the between the legs from behind stretch is one of the best stretches possible. I am usually sore as hell come wednesday.

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