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Gained 5 mm BPEL in 10 days

Gained 5 mm BPEL in 10 days

Ive been a bit scared to post this, to tell anyone, Im afraid I might lose my gains if I do (; Yesterday I measured after approx 10 days of manual stretching and I was gladly surprised to notice a length increase by little over 5 mm!

Im so happy right now, yet so scared this is just temporary gains \= As of this Im now a solid 14 cm BPEL! (=

Either way this is just what I needed, hard “evidence” that PE really works, now Im definitely motivated to keep on working out!

Current: (14.5 cm) 5.7" BPEL and (11.0 cm) 4.3" EG

BPEL Progress: [13.0 ---|------- 18.0]

Man, that’s 1/5 of an inch. Keep up the good work :)

Yes, this does work, there are many others who have seen the results as you have.
Don’t be discouraged if you happen to measure again and not see the same results, your penis is a work in progress, it will Eb and Flow many times before it is finished. The most important thing you can do is to maintain a routine, the routine is what will make your gains permanent.
Great job by the way! Don’t let your penis get used to your routine, experiment with new and different exercises, and read as much as possible about PE, it will pay off in the long run.


congrats, keep up the good work

What was your routine?

September 2004: BPEL=5.75 in. NBPEL=5.25 in. EG=4.75 in. July 2005: BPEL=6.5 in. NBPEL=6 in. EG=havent checked yet .75 in gain in both BP and NBP Erect Length over the course of 10 months of "once in a while" stretching.

Very wise words of Wisdom!!!

Well said i_want_8_inches.

And, way to go blup! It’s always a thrill to make a gain. PE really does work and more will come if you simply stick with it. A good routine will get you there but it takes time and much patience. I’ve started hanging again and after 2 wks seeing a much improved flaccid hang. It’s a great feeling! I only hope I don’t hit “the wall” anytime soon.

I’ve hung in the past but this time I’m dead serious about reaching my goal length. Hanging and stretching 6- 8 hrs p/d…5 on 2 off. Yesterday was scary because I missed a day of PE and my big flaccid hang wasn’t there, so back to hanging and stretching like a mad man. ha ha.

Anyway, it’ll take a good month, or 2 more wks or more to exhaust my ligs again, another month to bring forward all the penis inside the body, then hopefully real erect growth will begin to happen from there on. Your certainly right about the eb and flow with PE, but keeping the course and not getting discouraged is the real trick to gains.




“Gained 5 mm BPEL in 10 days”

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Thanks for the replies guys.

My routine has simple been manual stretches for about 10-20 mins every morning, and sometimes in the evenings. Hard/determined pulls outwards, down, up and to each side. Holding for at least 1 minute, usually 2. Ive been focusing on outward and slightly upward stretches, but made sure to go in all directions at least once every time.

Ive noticed a slight “lack of sensation” in my penis, from the toughness Ive put it through lately (; Its made me able to masturbate kinda long without coming - something I also decided not to do for some while now. The added blood flow from erections and the slight tugs/pulls that come masturbation can only be good, but Im not letting myself come and go flaccid just yet.

Current: (14.5 cm) 5.7" BPEL and (11.0 cm) 4.3" EG

BPEL Progress: [13.0 ---|------- 18.0]

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