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Gain in length with diet/slim

Gain in length with diet/slim

I am not fat. I’m normally.

1.90m/85kg (180 lbs)

If I slim/(loose many kilos) like a bodybuilder in competition, penis will gain in length? (loose 20 - 25 kg)


To be or not to be Dick Rivers, thas is the question

Only if you have a large fat pat.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

Like Thatcat said, only if you have a very large fat pad. Certain diet could be better for penis health,improving circulation thus making PE more efficient.

But losing weight will not make your dick bigger.

ok guys thanks for the replies

To be or not to be Dick Rivers, thas is the question

What if you have a 1” fat pad (i.e. 1” difference between EL and BPEL?)

True about the fat pad, but your “fatness” is relative. I ‘ve noticed a HUGE difference over the last year when I put on 30+ pounds.

I’d been a high mileage marathoner for years(150 pounds @ 6 ft.) Haven’t ran for a year and am now 190 pounds. I look healthy and strong at this weight, but my dick definitely looked HUGE at 150 pds. It looks very average now and I’ve actually GAINED length.

I am now healed and ready to start cutting weight/running again. Don’t have a clue what my fat pad was, but is now at 1”. I think you have to consider the fat that SURROUNDS the package: stomach fat, leg fat, love handles, all that shit that when gone, gives the illusion of a larger unit.

Hope that helps.

You might gain, from losing your fat pad and increasing your blood flow. Maybe an inch at best.

For every 30-35 pounds of FAT lost you gain 1 inch on the penis, but it has to be a fat loss, and the fat pad will get thinner to.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

I weigh 220 and would be very lean at about 175. I would be happy if even 1/4 - 1/2” became more apparent from weight loss.

Talk about an added bonus!

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