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Gain girth to gain length, falacy or falacy

Iamaru is getting length gains from his punishing girth/stretch routine.

And I’ve finaly figured out how to remember the spelling of his nick :)

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wow seeing your name, in the last poster on this thread, I thought great more opinions, hopefully different ones. So disappointed :(


how about just adding spaces or color to the name. Its a clever name but I spent ages reading it and not seeing it :)

Ok, back on topic! I, too, wonder the validity of the length before girth theory. As long as someone doesn’t go from 5 to 6 inches in girth before doing anything at all with length, I think we’re getting overly cautious about girth gains getting in the way.

Personally I see no ill in doing both length and girth at the same time. We all know that PE is all done by baby steps, stretching little by little each day. In that retrospect, why couldn’t we do both? Is a girth session going to block any length session done in sequence? Perhaps by as much as 5-10% interference but certainly not high enough to call girth off totally.

As memento was saying earlier in this thread, a girth session first might even loosen up the unit for your length workout. High amounts of blood are already present and the temperature is certain to be decent, too. It’s important to have all the tissue around the criticals (tunica/ligs) to be loose so that has zero effect of being a limiting factor. In other words, it doesn’t resist your efforts when you hang or manually stretch. All you feel is that cord nice and taught, everything else is just butter.

Another thought I have is: Shouldn’t we also pay attention of how to sculpt our dicks so that it can look as natural as it can be? I tend to lean on doing length/girth at the same time as the greater chance of the look you were meant to have. We only get one shot at this, once it has been stretched, squeezed and tortured, there is little going back. Why risk getting inches of length only to get a baseball bat doing girth work later?

This is all pure speculation and random eletro-discharges from my brain. Pass the salt please! ;)

But memento, traditional girth moves do strengthen the tunica, which is also responsible for at least 50% of your length potential - if not more. While it is true that ligs also contribute to lenght of course, and that girth work will not affect ligs at all, I believe the effects of girth work upon the tunica to be significant.

If a person is only looking for an inch or so, it probably doesn’t matter. But if a guy wants significant length gains (say 2.5”+), then he surely won’t get all that length from the ligs (unless he has a 12:00 LOT, then brings it down to 6:00).

Hmmmm. Interesting. There is so much anatomy to learn I haven’t learned half of it. Isn’t the membranes surrounding the corpora composed of a bilayer of laterally and longitudinally arranged collagenous tissues. The longitudinal membrane keeps the corpora confined in the length direction and the lateral membrane keeps the corpora confined radially. Without resistance along both of the directions the penis would not be able to sustain a high pressure.

So applying this to your theory, girth exercises work on one membrane whereas length exercises work on the other. If you work just on length then the penis responds by getting stronger along the length axis. However, as the penis lengthens the “girth membrane” also must lengthen as the “length membrane” lengthens. In the process of lengthening the girth membrane, does it get stronger or weaker? I guess the theory of PE-breaks assumes that long rest periods allows the membranes to weaken again because they are no longer experiencing extra forces. Applying this theory to both the girth and length membranes independently would lead me to suggest that alternating cycles of girth, length, girth, etc may be the most time effective way to proceed.

I wonder which is better:
total divide and conquer technique (work until length goal is achieved, then work on girth)
Alternating mini-cycles of length, girth, length, girth, etc
Simultaneous length and girth with rest periods in between

Glad to see someone else occasionally posts half baked theories. :)

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Lately I have worn a cockring and get up to the point of edging once or twice in about 5-15mins. The ring gets me to 6EG whearas I am usually 5.5EG. Then I heat wrap as it goes flaccid. Then I stretch manually, usually the A stretch. I think of the cells like balloons or plastic bags which get very full and stretched in all directions when I have the ring on. Then when flaccid they are still stretched and so can stretch even more in the longitudinal direction. If you cant blow up a long suasage balloon, you stretch it longitudinally and then it expands easily both laterally and longitudinally.

But maybe girth work after length would steal some of your length gains. Think if you stretched a empty balloon lenghtways and it stayed a certain length, then if you blew it up (girth work) it may increase more in volume after deflated but some length may have been taken into girth. Sort of the same idea I have originally said but vice versa.

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One thing we have to remember is for each unit of girth gain, is it going to increase the volume of your dick much more than a unit of length gain. Perhaps this is why it “seems” that girth gets in the way of length. Maybe its about proportions along which axis you are stretching. Maybe the body will only allow a certain volume increase per axial stretch. The balloon analogy is good for this. You can stretch for length a good ways but once you work girth, the length will “tug” back because the girth needs to borrow material for its own existence. But perhaps in the end your net gains in volume are the same, regardless if you work purely on girth, length or both. We just need to remember that girth is worth many times more than length when it comes to total volume of our dicks.


I am not sure I would agree with the girth stealing length. I have heard of cases where people have gained length from doing girth work. I suppose the way that I think of this as the fact that the balloon only has finite stretching capacity, if you keep filling it with air it is not going to get any longer over time. The penis will because it keeps repairing itself. I tend to think that when you jelq you are forcing blood laterally but you are also pushing it out along the longitude axis. Sort of like pressing the end of a closed bag of water. The water will bunch up at the sides but keep moving forward. Of course unlike a balloon we can continue to force more fluid into our space thereby really forcing the blood out.
If this makes absolutely no sense then I will try to clarify.

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I believe in building both dimensions simultaneously. There’s more of a chance of getting at least some kind of gain that way, instead of cutting your odds down by 50%.

When hanging, doesn’t your cock respond by getting longer AND thicker to better accommodate the weight? Same thing with girth work… when using a device, such as a clamp or similar thing, your cock will expand in all directions, not just widthwise.

When it come to PE, I believe the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts. Train the entire penis and somethings got to give.

If you want a little bit more size in one particular dimension, you could always skew your routine a bit to include more work for length or girth, but I think both should be trained at the same time.


>But memento, traditional girth moves do strengthen the tunica, which is also responsible for at least 50% of your length potential - if not more. While it is true that ligs also contribute to lenght of course, and that girth work will not affect ligs at all, I believe the effects of girth work upon the tunica to be significant. <

What trigger (alias Deep Thought) said and strength isn’t necessarily the same in any direction. If you think of a sheet of something often you can weaken its strength on one direction by initially applying force in another direction.

Personally I found that slowing length gains were put back on track by focussing more on girth.

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This is an interesting idea, Memento. I’ve been experimenting with some girth exercises recently, thinking similarly that they might help with length gains, but it seems my dick is utterly resistant to girth exercises. No matter how much I jelq, squeeze, or pump, my dick doesn’t seem to inflate beyond its normal erect dimensions girthwise (I’m amazed that anyone has a flaccid cock after squeezes that’s thicker than their normal erection!).

Hmm, mem links something for a joke in private and thread gets bumped. Mem makes note to not link threads he doesn’t want bumped. Mem notices he is talking in the third person which is kind of weird.


>my dick doesn’t seem to inflate beyond its normal erect dimensions<

I don’t know how that is possible. Take a 90% boner and do a Horse440 and you’re telling me your girth doesn’t explode? Where is the blood going? It’s like taking a balloon and compressing one end, the thing has to get bigger or lose air.

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