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Full erect jelq?


Full erect jelq?


I am new and I am trying to gain girth. I read that ‘Vegetagd’ jelqed full erect for 10 mins daily and gained a lot of girth.
I have read that it is harmful to jelq while fully erect; it can result in injury.

I need feedback from experienced people. I am serious about gaining girth.

Thanks for your help.

You really need to condition your penis by jelqing at a lower erection level/intensity before you get into serious girth excercises.

There are good reports from jelqing at high erection levels and jelqing with a grip concentrated on the side (there was a guy using a power jelq rotated 90 degrees for that). I jelq at 90+% most of the time but am gaining more length than girth (so I added some horse 440’s recently).

People gain differently. Some gain length easily with no girth gains and others just gain girth. Maybe you are one of the latter.

Its probably best to PE for 2 months and then add horses/ uli’s/ sadaks/ high erection jelqs et al. In the meantime try concentrating your jelqing on the sides, maybe prefering an overhand ok.

There’s no point pushing it early on, you might end up with an injury further putting off girth gains.

Hey selfjelq,

What grip are you using to jelq with now?? Try the palms down and focus the pressure on the sides of the shaft.

Also, memento is correct, don’t get in a hurry and injure yourself, that will only delay your gains in the long run.

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Thanks for your response!

I will start concentrating on sides too. But I jelq only twice a week. Strangely after I stopped pulling [stretching], my ED problems disappeared. Jelqing does make erections hard. I think it is due to the improved circulation of blood.
I want to increase the girth and then maybe length.
I do learn a lot from experienced people here.


most people on this board stress doing the length gains first on the grounds that the more you build up girth the more there is to stretch. If in doubt go for length first. I do girth excercises because I think that stressing the penis in this way may make it easier to gain length on the basis that the body resists consistent forces (as best it can, and hanging goes beyond this) but I have no good basis for this thought.

Hey guys,

selfjelq - good luck with your girth gains, I think you got great advice, I wish I knew this forum when I started.

memento and Thunder:

I seem to have missed that bit of info about jelqing on the sides.. is there a thread about it somewhere? I noticed some talking about how you hold your hands when you jelq, but for some reason I just stayed with my usual palm to the sides, thumb on top grip.

so you’re saying that for girth it might be better to concentrate on the sides of the shaft and use a different grip? or maybe it’s because usually the pressure is on top and bottom, so doing the sides just develops different areas that got less attention before?

do you alternate with different grips when you jelq?

I did try doing the Power Jelq rotated but it’s very difficult to handle in that position.

Hey Braker,

Give the grip a try and see what you think. Reverse grip, palm down, thumb and index finger toward base as far as possible, applying pressure to the sides of the shaft and allowing the webbing between your thumb and index finger to work the top of the shaft.

If nothing else you will be working areas that may not have been worked as thoroughly in the past.

Using the PJ on the sides of the shaft probably will take a lot of trial and error before your technique becomes refined enough for a good workout. But it can be done.

If you do try it out, keep us posted.

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nice catch thunder, missed this one.

I have a PJ device and gave it a go on the side. There is a tendancy for the penis to turn 90% to follow the rollers. I managed to stop that a lot by holding my glans but I still think manual jelqing is better.

the jelqing on the side info is spread through so many threads it seems silly to post a link and thunders covered all the angles.

Been thinking of writing a post to try and pull as much jelqing info together into one place for the newbies and a similar one for uli’s cause its seems there are still some people not getting it. Maybe it’d just be more noise :(

That would be a good idea memento. The FAQ could use a lot more detailed information on jelqing, it could be added there, or added as a link to a post in the forum here. If/when you do decide to give it a shot, maybe try to enlist a co-conspirator or two.

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I’ll pm you a draft after I’m done with this rating business (which at the current rate will take a month :( )

I hear you about taking a month. There is a hell of a lot of posts in the main forum. That and it gets tiresome after awhile.

Maybe we could find a seasoned jelqer with a digital camera to do some demonstration photos??

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personaly I don’t have a digital camera (if that was a hint :) )

but I do have a scanner and a slight ability to draw and I’ve yet to see pictures that really convey the exercize well.

memento and thunder:

video, pictures, drawings, or animation of different jelquing techniques would be really wonderful IMO. preferably something that moves and not static as it’s much easier to understand.

just think of all the time it can save for newbies and also so we can have something we can always refer to when talking about different styles of jelq or other exercise etc. instead of trying to put it down on writing, and yes - the uli’s are great example of something that even a few veterans admit they’re not sure about, because it’s so hard to explain in writing, and as they say one picture is worth a thousand words..

if I can, I would love to help in any way possible, though I do not have a dig camera.. :(

and regarding the grip and PJ, I did start trying using it vertically and I’ll keep you posted on the progress. and I also try the grip you suggested Thunder, though it seems that in this position of the hand it’s much easier for me to apply pressure on the bottom of the shaft (cause that’s where the thumb and index finger meet) compared to the sides, but I’ll keep on trying until I get it..

Hey Thunder

I don’t think I’m understanding completely, is it possible to jelq as you say with palms down when almost completely erect? Or are you speaking of when not totally erect? I have jelqed before with palms down, and I do experience much more pressure. Just wanted to know for sure before I try it?


Hey T-rex,

You can jelq either partially or fully erect. I would advise the partially erect. Full erection may cause discoloration and the possibility of injuring yourself is more likely to occur with a full erection.

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