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How do you guys, whether you’re new to this or are veterans to PE, deal with the crushing frustration of not making good gains?

I’ve been at it for 5 months now, with slight gains. Is the fact that I got even slight gains a good enough reason to keep going? It seems like such a painfully slow process…while to others, it seems like a breeze. Makes me wonder what it is I’m doing wrong. My girlfriend hasn’t noticed anything yet, which may be a good thing, since I won’t have to explain myself…yet.

I’m willing to put in the work, and I’ve gone this far… but damn it’s fucking frustrating. How do you guys deal with the crippling depression and self-hate, if any?

We got nothing better to do all day, that’s why. ;) Seriously though, just stick with it….hopefully the results will come soon.

I am building a weapon of ass destruction!


Non-drastic gains are no reason for crippling depression and self-hate.

It’s like any endeavor, you do the best you can with what you have.
Maybe some changes are in order, look at some other people’s routines and see if there’s something useful you could incorporate.

Musashi’s Rat’s Head, Ox’s Neck comes to mind:
Whenever we have become preoccupied with small details, we must suddenly change into a large spirit, interchanging large with small.

If it were easy, the entire male population would be 10x6.

Hang in there, it’s frustrating for everyone. All these big gainers have put their time in. Realizing that, I just keep on track, not thinking of days and weeks, but months and years.

If nothing else, I’ll have a killer grip when I’m 60 years old. :)

Stay Frosty.

nahhh, never give up. Besides, you have to admit that PE improves those erections. I’m willing to bet that after 5 months your hardons could jack up a car :)

And there are people on this board who didn’t see anything for MUCH longer than 5 months. But then, after a lot of persistance, they started growing.

I personally believe the trick is to kep the intensity up while remaining injury free just like a weight lifter. If I’m in the gym and benching 200 and it just doesnt feel like that much weight anymore….I add more otherwise my muscles dont get bigger. But that doesnt mean I add another 100 pounds, just enough so I feel it again. Also try adding in new things, try JAIs, try Blasters, look around and get some new ideas. Just dont get into bad habits like erect exercises or anything like that.

Its a marathon, not a race.

Hey, thanks for replying. I was going a little off the deep end there. I was depressed before I even started PE, with the hopes that maybe attaining a bigger dick would help me in some way. It’s just that seeing the stats and progress of others who seem more naturally “talented” at PE can be very daunting, reminding me of how far I have to go to get where I’m going. I want to succeed at this… I don’t want to give up. Ya know, I think it’s actually easier to build a muscular physique (which is pretty hard) than it is to get a hung cock. I’m glad to see that the members of this forum are not mean scumbags, and everybody helps everyone out. It’s a pretty supportive environment here, and I appreciate it. Thanks.

maybe you should try hanging along with jelqing. I’ve personally never hung, only done some manual stretching, squeezes and jelqs but i’m not really going for too much length right now.. I plan on a 5 month jelq then another 5 months hanging and jelqing. In any event don’t give up.. what is your routine maybe we can spot something you might want to do.. also don’t try the day on day off crap go at least every day except the weekends… I think DLD goes every day of the week if i’m not mistaken..

anyway good luck and don’t quit yet

Going for 9

Look, Anything that gets a reward takes a lot of hard work (generally).
And as to fast gainers, learn what they may be doing but don’t get frustrated because you are the only person you should be thinking about if in comparison to somthing that will make you miserble (negative results only compunded)

These giys like the 10”er’s are probably not in real life competition for a woman against you anyway.

I’m a relitavly slow gainer I think with just over a half inch in 6 months and now needing a break because my “little man” (he’s little compared to me at 6’ 1”—- hey wouldn’t that be cool, a 6’ 1” dick :) —- you could get reverse head while fuc***g a chick :P ) — — — oh yhea what I was saying, well anyway my little man is now about the colour of the arrow to head my post so he needs a rest.

Keep it going and from what i’ve heard (going to try somthng new) trying somthing new may help as well as the all important positive attitude or just plain multitasking to enjoy the sessions at least.

Loved going to Cuba! :)

I'm surprised that Americans can't go because their government says they can't!

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Just remember one thing….

If you quit now, you won’t be any bigger than you are right now. Atleast if you keep trying, you’ll give yourself a chance to make gains. Atleast give yourself that opportunity.

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

prickle, study orgasmo’s post as i think he has it right. if hanging you must gradually add weight……never regress. also i think the older you are the faster you gain. bud


I know the feeling… I’ve hit it hard for as long as you have and have had “no lasting” gains for girth and only a little length (.25 NBPEL)…

I’ve taken it very easy and only have just started to increase the power put into the workout… I was very worried about hurting myself and have been seeing those reds dots from minor to major in the last month.. PM me over at PE Forum and I’ll chat in more detail with ya about my ideas…


How do you deal with the frustration of not making gains?
How do you deal with any frustration?

Some people crack under pressure, some people focus (who said that? Its from a film?), all you have to do is focus. The fact that you made some gains must be encouraging, becasue obviously you can gain so just keep doing what your doing.



it’s all attitude, all of it… I’ve been told I have a great sense of humor albeit a fairly dark one… I love to watch people and their reactions… Not making gains I know I just have yet to find the exercise combination that works fast for me and keep going after it… I’m giving it two years….

Priceless Asset

In my opinion there is only one way to see PEing. Many of you have touched on it already and the truth is that you have to go into this thing with a long term perspective.

Do not expect anything before 12-18 months. If you are lucky enough to get interm gains than consider it a bonus but don not expect it.

Frustration is a function of expectations. If we set realistic and even conservative expections for our results it will temper our frustration levels.

Look at it this way, let’s say you start at 6”ELBP and after a full year you gain 0.5” on that (a conservative expection) you still are gaining at a rate of over 8% on an asset which to you is priceless.

I think that that is a pretty good rate of return on an such a invaluble asset which, before you came to this forum, you thought it was impossible to improve upon.

Never compare yourself to others or you will always be disappointed. There is always someone bigger and better than you are.


Originally posted by Prickle
I was depressed before I even started PE, with the hopes that maybe attaining a bigger dick would help me in some way.

The depression may be part of the problem of why you’re not getting gains. We should get luvdadus’ and others’ opinions — don’t take my word for any of this — but I believe that depression can cause a lower sex drive and lower testosterone levels. The reason is that it exhausts the adrenal glands, which are responsible for making some of your testosterone; I seem to recall that pregnenolone gets converted to cortisol (a stress hormone) rather than testosterone. I presume that high levels of the latter hormone stimulate penis growth. Also, cortisol itself is a catabolic hormone rather than an anabolic one — the body tends to consume itself rather than build back.

Depression also disrupts sleep, when much of your growth hormone is secreted, so that could also contribute to the problem.

Do we have a doctor in the house?

Not being a psychiatrist I’m not up on all the neuro hormonal aspects of depression. A reduction in libido is a common symptom of both depression and testosterone deficiency. Other hormone deficiencies can also cause some depressive symptoms. Ambitious you must have some training in biochemistry or physiology.

do you have a diagnosis of depression, or is that your own descriptive term? In either case see a Dr. There are things to be looked into from the physical standpoint before going off and assuming a pyschological diagnosis.

>>Ya know, I think it’s actually easier to build a muscular physique (which is pretty hard) than it is to get a hung cock. >>

He, he. I wish that were true, I’m having a hell of a time just getting an extra 35# off, let along getting a “muscular physique.”

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

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