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frustrated with my girth

frustrated with my girth

What is the best girth exercise in your opinion? I am currently hanging so I have the length taken care of (i measured today at 7 bpel) but… I am a friggin pencil at 4.75 girth its totally embarassing and makes my dick look small! Please someone help me with a routine that will add some girth.

Try some horses, Ulis and a lot of jelqing. That’s the normal routine for increasing girth.

30/07/2005: 8.2" BP length (measuring from top) 7.7" NBP Length (measuring from top) 5.3" Mid-Shaft Girth 6" Base Girth Target size: 9" NBP length 7" Girth __________________ Things are getting better... Go thunders!

Ahoy there Mr6-
I’m with you that girth makes the difference. And I too am hanging. But I think that holding off on girth work until I’ve met my length goal is the most efficient route to take - and when I do finally start on girth I intend to make use of a Uli Thing.
It has proven to be the most efficient and safest way to add serious girth.
As for the routine itself, easing into it also seems to be the only way to go - three to four 10 minute sets a day of mild Uli’s until a tolerance/conditioning is built up - and then on a “how much can I do without injuring myself” basis.
It’s reported to be a serious yet relatively easy method of gaining girth.


what is an ULI? Also, how do I use the Uli thing? Excuse the ignorance

This is where you must use the search function and begin exploring this site. There is a ton of information here.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

I am getting soft in my old age. Go here and watch the videos:

A Quickstart Guide to Manual Exercises

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.


You can find out what a Uli is by looking at Gandolf’s video series that is located in the tutorial section on this site. This great video series also show you how to do many other exercises. I too am trying to gain girth. Enjoy!

i’m 5” girth and seems pretty thick…i don’t see how 4.75 is so skinny

6inch, dont worry !

I gained 6 mm girth in 3 weeks just by heavy duty jelqing and a few horse440, but I ve read it s better to target length first (hope I ll gain length too, seems difficult for me to do so)

….feels awesome to feel a thicker willie in your hand then a month before, believe me !!

4.75” really isnĀ“t bad! Just think, if Bib is right about the fact that less tissue to stretch makes life easier (I believe this) then you will be fine.

Just make sure you have reached your length goal before you go for girth.

Most size surveys say that the average girth falls between 4.75-5.25” so don’t consider yourself small.

I started with 4.25” and am now coming up to 4.75”. I guess I’m blessed by the fact that my glans measure 5.25-5.5” (base girth 5.5”) but, to me, this makes my dick look like a lollipop. After a good girth workout my girth increases by approx 3/16” which feels like one hell of a difference. I’m aiming for 5.5” midshaft as I think this is achievable from my starting stats and will look and feel big to me.

Good luck with your gains.

When I try to look at any of the videos here I wind up with a must close message and the video is terminated. :( I use mpeg but it must be an incorrect format for these videos.

My advice would be to stop hanging and go on a three month girth program, just girth 5 days on 2 days off. I have a hard time gaining girth while hanging except at the base. I’m still in a hanging length gaining mode, but soon it will over to girth.

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I started at 4.5 midshaft girth and am currently 5-5.25 at this point, 3 months later. I recommend working until you get to an acceptable 5 inches of girth and then shoot for length until you reach +8 inches. It will happen, but believe me your hand muscles should be sore after a good hour long workout. Keep jelqing, but do ulis and squeezes for quick results. I like to cable clamp my base after my girth workout is over and watch porn to keep it inflated. Then I keep the base wrapped when I go to sleep. (I dont masturbate or ejaculate after a workout). After waking up My dick is about 5.75, but some of this is probably fluid retention outside of the chambers. I wrap it tight enough that is clamps a little when erect, (and the average guy has 5 erections a night, believe it!) but is not clamping at all when flaccid. I wrap in a semi-erect state.
Ok guys, I wont be posting till next year. Catching a plan to FL in a few hours, fuck the snow, etc. Peace.

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