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From what did you gain most on length

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Whic from this work-outs was the best for youre length?!






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For those who have gained with stretching, can you please post some of your routines and the stretches that you found most helpful?


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Best between hanging and stretching depends on how fast you want results IMO. Hanging is the fastest with intense approach. Stretching will get you there with more elapsed time but less intese approach.

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Unfortunately you didnt have enough choices to pick from. I have gained the most/best from pumping. Im just returning after a 4-5 week decon. break and plan to start back using a very similar pumping routine that I left off with.

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I gained most from my extender.

Originally Posted by bigstink9
If you’re after permanent, 2+ inches more in gains, hanging is the only way to go. I’ve been hanging on/off since 1997, now at 20-25lbs., 20-30 minutes per session, 4-6 times a week( newbies I believe should start between 7-12 lbs., 20 minutes a session, no more than 7 times per week.) You have to attack those ligs with poundage, also with common sense and intelligence. Slow and steady wins the PE race.

I would put a stretching device in the same catagory as hanging as far as permanent gains. I have used the AndroPenis for gains AFTER I thought I was maxed out. The slow and steady tension will work over time. I am convinced that I would have reached my goals much quicker and easier had I used it from the beginning of my PE journey.

Just my 2 cents…



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