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From Hard To Soft

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Hard to soft in..

under 10s.


10 - 20s.


20 - 30s.


30 - 60s.


over a minute (if you select this option place the hts range in your post)

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From Hard To Soft

Everybody join in! Get it hard, let it go, then time it ‘till it drops. I’m trying to gauge where I am on the erection scale. I’m starting to think my long battle with ED is more psychological than physical at this point in time, but I don’t know. I average erections in the 10 - 20 second hts range. I would like to know where everybody else is. It would help a lot. Hey, maybe you don’t know and would like to know where you are too. On a full viagra dose I can maintain an erection for over a minute from visual stimulation alone, so maybe there’s hope for me yet.

My stats:

6 3/4” NBP
8 1/4” BP
Over 5” EG

If you use vasodilators, post the dosage along with your hts time when on it.

Are you talking about hard to completely completely flaccid? If so it is over a minute for me.

I was keeping intercourse in mind, so soft to the point it’s unsuitable for sex. For example, my erection loses firmness and has dropped to about 5 1/2” after 20 seconds.

Hmmmm. Then about 30seconds for me.

If I’m watching porn I can have a hard on for easily over 45 minutes

Really? You can sustain an erection without physical stimulation after initially getting hard - for almost an hour? Wow.

What are your stats by the way? Are you fit?

Originally Posted by Dreamweaver

If I’m watching porn I can have a hard on for easily over 45 minutes

Hmmmm. Strong mental control?

2 min 30 sec. No visual or physical stimulation.

I’m a swimmer/lifeguard and in great physical shape.

Immediately if someone points a shotgun at me.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.


I’m wonderng if you guys with the great wood have strong suspensory ligaments to hold up your unit. What say you guys? Are your dicks limited in what directions you can move them when hard or are they flexible? I’d be happy if I could maintain an erection post stimulation for just a minute.

I think it varies a lot for me, but one thing for sure is that it goes soft faster than it used to (I’m 46 years old now).

I have been having really good nocturnal erections lately, and sometimes get out of bed to pee and have to wait a minute because my dick is too hard. I think the NO booster supplements I have been taking have helped with that. But nocturnal erections are not like normal daytime erections for sex (unfortunately).

I’ll have to time myself, but I would estimate that if I pull out during sex and it takes more than 20 or 30 seconds to switch positions, I probably have to give it a couple of whacks to keep it going.

Horny Bastard

Originally Posted by Plasticman

I’d be happy if I could maintain an erection post stimulation for just a minute.

I think a minute is a pretty long time actually, if you are talking about standing or laying with absolutely no stimulation. That is probably possible for me only with Liquid C. Back to nocturnal erections however, sometimes I sleep lightly and it seems that my dick is hard most of the entire night, without stimulation.

Horny Bastard

The early voting is not looking like I thought it might. I wasn’t expecting the first two options to be selected really. If it keeps on like this I might just have to consider myself a head case and not a sufferer of some really xtreme ED.

mravg, recently I’ve experienced insanely good nocturnal erections not translating to my waking life either. I once woke up a couple of months ago to the most amazing wood I’ve had since I was a budding teen. No stimulation and I was standing with a raging boner. Hell, just 2 years ago, if I was asked to just get it up while standing I’d probably laugh in the person’s face.

I can get it up to semi by thinking about it now - and I can get compltely hard with light rubbing. Impossible then.

under 10s to get a full hardon

i am about 8x6

may be my age ^^

Snake, you got it backwards, that’s soft to hard you posted, not hard to soft. This thread is for documenting how long it takes for one to lose their erection.

This poll may be pretty skewed already. I wonder if the others who haven’t commented voted in total error.

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