"From Ferrari"

Since Ferrari was banned from “Thundersplace”, he asked if someone from his site could post this for him:

Hi Guys,

Just read about that rumour about me on Thunders - cant actually belive it!!! So guys, let me set a few things straight:

1) I AM IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED with Darren or Penis Health. Honestly guys, you have to belive me. I set up this site as a hobby site to help you guys which pisses me off a bit now bcos i have had to pay for the hosting, my own personal time etc and now there are rumours like this flying about.

2) The Ferrari Trio are exercises ADAPTED from other exercises - i said that from the word go. Go check my original post over at Penis Health and u will find this EXACT sentence:

“Right, here goes that 3rd girth exercise that i have been using to great effect in my girth routine. Its an exercise that i picked up off another forum and have slightly adapted it to my own preference. This is a real beauty!!!”

Therfore, i have not ripped off an exercise bcos i have said in no uncertain terms that i got it from another forum. Go check for yourself - you will see the exact sentence written above.

I am not in the business of ripping exrcises off, i was just trying to give you guys some DECENT exercises that work. And its also obvious that i didnt mind you seeing thunders, bcos i gave u all the link ages ago - EVEN AFTER I POSTED that exercise. If i had been worried about u finding out about the similar exrcises, why wud i have given you the link???

I respect Thunders place and i think its a great site, i have supported it all along. But incidents like this make me slightly annoyed. I have put LOTS of effort into getting this site tyogther for you, and i plan to put lots more in, but this has made me have second thoughts. Quite why Thunder has to say all this is beyond me, im only here to help!!

I have gained well over 2 inches and i just wanna show u guys how to do it too. Never have i said that all the exrcises are my own - i mean how many different ones are there??

As for also saying that i use this site to get revenue - where from??? Its 100% free and the advertsisng is simply down to rented forum server space - i dont put these adverst on, and until i can get some time to write my own script, they will have to do. Im sorry if its not good enough.

I cant actually post at Thunders anymore, so i would appreciate it if one of you guys could paste this whole post and put it as a post at Thunders, with the heading ‘From Ferrari’.

This site is my hobby, i love PE. I had planned to get videos, photos, interview sections, profiles, interactive demonstrations any everything on this site, but now im realy not sure guys. Why am i doing this? FOR YOU - i have made my gains and now i want to help you.

And one final thing - PLEASE PLEASE dont tar me with the same brush as darren. I find that very offensive. Remember, it was me that warned u about him in the first place - if i was him, why wud i want u to see that shit about him???

So, sorry guys if i havent lived up to your expectations, i was only trying.