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From a womans mouth...

From a womans mouth...

OK, the truth is what it is. I had told an ex-girlfriend about PE. (she and I still talk) I told her about my gains and she knowing my honest nature tried to suggest it was temporary like pumping or a cock ring effect. After several months and showing permanent gains she became a believer especially when I described it as traction (she is in medicine and that made sense to her). Anyway, I showed her this site and she laughed. I had forgotten our pet name for my dick… “thunder” LOL.

Anyway, she said, “well, it looks like it really works”. Then she said the killer phrase… “bigger really is better” !!! WTF?!?!? She was always happy with my “old” dick and in fact had frequent orgasms from penetration. Now, mind you, this girl is the 100% honest AND kind type of woman. She would have NEVER said anything against my physique. That, to me anyway, is what really made this statement ring. She is definitely NOT a size queen and in fact would occasionally be in discomfort from my old small dick…

There you have it.

What can I say, this is just what happened :D

I think she named it “thunder” for the way she felt after experiencing it! Not bad for a sub 5” NBP and sub 4.5” EG pre-PE dick :D

Thunder is also described as a “clap in the sky”. In Russia, you would be called “Big Toornada”. How cool is that?

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He He

Thunder as a pet name for a penis? Who woulda thunkit?

My wife named mine “Wilbur”. I told her last week to start calling it “Stretch” because it now stretches her out. She still calls it “Wilbur”.

Oh well…..

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

I had a girl in high school to name mine Cleo. I named her pussy Chloe.

"Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty". -Roland, in Stephen King's The Last Gunslinger

i think a big dick is a visual turn on for a woman. I mean it is something they get excited by seeing it. Kinda like big tits for a man. I mean I think most guys here will fu-k a woman with small tits and get off. Well most women can get off with a small dick, but they still like the look of a big one. But I still want one (a big dick) :)

My wife said the same thing to me.

It was perfect before but it’s better now, (1 inch longer .25 thicker). She’s really enjoying the extra size, and I’m enjoying her enjoying me. What a cycle.

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