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From 5" to 7"


Iwenr from 7 to 8.5 in about 1 yr I am going for 9inch long I think by december I hit it

Congratulations on your amazing success Walter!

Wow! All that from 10 minutes a day of Jelqing. Congratulations on the awesome gains.

Wow!!! Maybe I should go back to jelqing??

Great gains

I would be satisfied with half of that

Really inspiring! I hope I can gain that much in at least 3 years using an ADS and Jelq.

Congragts man!

Started 05/09/2007 ELNBP 4,72 ELBP 5.3 EG 4,33

Goal: 05/09/2010 ELNBP 6.72 ELBP 7.3 EG 5.33

Its really a remarkable gain from so little effort. I guess patience is the key.

Its inspires me to keep at my routine for awhile.

Aug 07: (BPEL 6.25) (EG 5.5) | Oct 07: (BPEL 6.75) (EG 5.5)

Nov 07: (BPEL 7.00) (EG 5.5) | Jan 08: (BPEL 7.20) (EG 5.6)

Mar 09: (BPEL 7.25) (EG 5.65) | Aug 11: (BPEL 7.25) (EG 5.75)


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