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frightening isn' t it?

Certainly it is another point of view for the open minded to consider.

Dr. Lin is selling something, and “free PE” appears to be in direct competition with his product. Weather or not Dr. Lin is truly concerned that PE is destroying men, or if he is just out to make a buck is unclear to me with the limited reading I did on his site.

Reading the poster’s woes of self mutilation with PE are a bit extreme, therefor I tend to think he is in it mainly for the money.

My take:

Common sense must prevail. If PE works for you and the results are positive, then go for it.

If your PE routine hurts and your performance suffers, by all means quit and consider something else.

I am still waiting for results from my routine (hanging and jelking), but I have to believe the effects so far are positive.

be back soon

don't injure ourselves

I think that this Dr Lin not telling bullshit. He has a PHD and have been focusing on penis for 20 years. I once asked him by mail what he thought about jelqing. He told me that I should do the exercises carefully. The condition for not hurting oneself is high concentration on prostaglandin PGE-1 inside the penis. Then it can extend without injury. I’ve taken that into consideration and I think I can feel when these PGE-1 are present. The consistency of my penis is different then.

As there are no scientific evidence so far to prove if PE is dangerous or on the contrary beneficial, I think that one’s have to be cautious. For me, it’s simple: as long as my erections are hard-rock, I can go on jelking.


I had a friend who was in a motorcycle accident and broke almost every bone in is body and than developed a rare fatal brain disease. he also had a case herpes and crabs. Well he emailed Dr Lin and Dr Lin sent him a pill and a herbal rub on jell and he has recovered 100% percent. Unbelievable Huh “God Bless Dr LIn”
Oh yeah almost forgot he gained 2 inches on his penis also


Right on Dino!

“One pill makes you larger
And one pill makes you small,
And the ones that mother gives you
Don’t do anything at all.
Go ask Alice
When she’s ten feet tall.”

Grace Slick


Pills, pills, pills. My god people, what happened to good old fashioned hard work. We are a lazy, lazy society if we think everything can be solved by popping a pill.

Now get out there and do some work!!

be back soon


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