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Free Pe Pills


Thank you

Hi there Dongdon,

Thanks for the suggestion, but fortunatelly I’m still quite away from Viagra:) . But, I really appreciate your post though. Thanks Dongdon.

Seyz, my friend didn’t got that pills for free. He used that pills and it worked for him. He then would like to share his stock with me, so its not free for him but its free for me.

Thank you guys, have a nice day:) .


What pills are they?

jose4o9, this thread hasn’t been active for 7 1/2 years! Don’t wait around too long for a response to your question. :)

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Any kind of pills that make you horny can help with your PE program, only for the reason you want to touch your dick more and seem to do your routine with more vigor and stay on more of a routine. Other then that,,,nothing.

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If it’s free it’s me.

Would never even consider buying. I’d also research the product before taking it. If it’s a blood thinner or something like that I would not take it.

If it was vitamins and herbs or something organic I’d take it for sure.

Edit: didn’t realize this thread was bumped from 2005.


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