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Fraudulent PE


Fraudulent PE

Dr. Lin a con-man

“Doctor” Lin, of The Lin Institute in Florida, is a snake oil saleman who bashes natural PE. I checked out his site, which is a nightmare to navigate by the way, and he has numerous links railing against jelqing, stretching & pumping. Not only are those exercises ineffective, he claims, but they can also severely injure the penis, deform it, lead to severe erectile difficulty and/or complete inability to achieve orgasm.
But when I read “Doctor” Lin’s resume, I saw that he has a BS in Oceanography, a masters in Coastal Engineering and obtained his doctorate in Engineering. In fact, I didn’t find that he’s received any type of medical/nutritional/sexual education/certification whatsoever. In other words, he rides the coattails of an engineering background to peddle potions, lotions & pills dealing with sexuality; he also dispenses plenty of advice about the human body & sexuality & health - while having no such background or training. I suppose he figured he could make much more money running his “institute” than he could by teaching Ocean Wave Mechanics or Advanced Hydrodynamics.
He delivers the hard sell on creams & pills - that’s his goldmine. Of course, if he doesn’t sell it or can’t sell it, it’s “worthless”….

Warning: You must power up your brain's acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin nervous systems to up-regulate your hypothalamus-pituitary-testicular axis in order to support this penile “Enlargement” Practice!.

Resolution of the Conflict: Our ViaPal-hGH packages can help you resolve the conflict among the roles of DHT in Penile Enlargement, Prostate Enlargement and Hair Loss. They help you enlarge the penis, stop hair loss, and shrink your enlarged prostate by cleansing and masking your hormones receptors sites in the hair rooting cells and prostate and dropping your PSA with plant sterols and phytoestrogen (isoflavones).”

I guess he fits in with the thousands upon thousands of other get rich quick people using PE as the means to do it.

Sad the world is this way but it is.


I thought DHT help your PE results

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He isn’t selling DHT. You can’t get DHT without a Rx and there is no proof that it will help anyway as of yet.

Yeah, I checked out that site too.
What do you guys think of his “Balloon Technique”, unrealistic as it may seem, perhaps it may actually work.

Link here at http://www.actionlove.con/cases/case7648.htm

It’s at mid page, look at the 2 JPGs.

Originally posted by JumboDog

Yeah, I checked out that site too.

What do you guys think of his “Balloon Technique”, unrealistic as it may seem, perhaps it may actually work.

Regarding the Ballooning thing, he’s so unclear about it (IMO). I can’t really figure out what I’m supposed to be doing….am I just rubbing the base & behind my scrotal area? Just try to stay hard for 1/2 hour? Is that it? And what the HELL is “anal breathing”? (I know what “anal burps” are, but not anal respiration). :)

He may be practicing under fraudulent pretenses but, I’d be careful about openly blasting a man with an established business. Public Defamation lawsuits can be quite nasty.

Originally posted by Stillwantmore

He may be practicing under fraudulent pretenses but, I'd be careful about openly blasting a man with an established business. Public Defamation lawsuits can be quite nasty.

I understand your concern, and I hear what you’re saying, but if he wants to come after me, let him. If the marine biologist would like to publicly explain how rubbing his cream on your peepee is supposed to make it bigger/harder/more sensitive, then he has more to lose than I do. Suing me would ultimately cost him too much $$$ and, who knows, the Feds might then shut him down like the other companies.


Would you mind explaining his method a bit better for us? I’m a bit confused as well. I tried it, but dont know if I’m doing it right.

I’ve gained 1/4 in length doing nothing but ballooning for 3 weeks after no gain with jelqing and stretching for a month and a half.

Well I’m gonna give this a try as I’m not quite sure what exactly is going on either. As wadzilla said, the info is pretty jumbled up and coming from everywhere.

Basically what he’s saying is to get “pumped up” (for lack of a better term), which I think means get hard and aggressive, by his use of the word testosterone. Once you achieve erection, massage the penis at the base and footing, this I think is to stimulate blood circulation and hyper pressure blood into the penis. He also states that to keep this working, one must have a steady heartbeat of 90-110 beats per min.

So to recap, get hard, massage the penis at stated points, keep a steady heartbeat at stated beat/min.

That’s what I could make out from it, hope that helped. Also, it would be interesting to see if this actually works, by way of getting some people to do it or whatnot. I can’t say as I haven’t done this particular excersize. I would think it would be like blowing up a balloon to quite large and then super charging it by continously blowing into it, but it being a balloon that doesn’t pop, just gets bigger.

BTW, does it seems that it’s just some form of Jelqing to you guys? I mean with the whole get blood in dick, force it into spongy tissue, keep it up thing.

That’s a funny site they have a cure for every ailment known to man.

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How about poverty?

Originally Posted by Andrew69
How about poverty?

Dr. Lin sez: Get a job. :p

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The old snake-oil slaesmen used to do their selling from the back of a wagon, that way when people got wise they could make a quick getaway. These days they use the internet and credit cards to make their getaway.


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