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Fraudulent PE


Some people may find some benefits to Lin’s “ballooning” technique, but for my money it’s basically just an “edging” technique. The marine biologist is trying to ride the coat-tails of his PhD degree to peddle his dick-building supplements, with a lot of biological double-speak. He has basically no scientific proof or “research” to back up any of his patchwork quilt of disjointed theories.

Furthermore, he clearly states that you can increase your size by up to 140% from his ballooning method. Come on, that’s clearly bullshit. In effect, he’s claiming that a guy with a 7-incher can “balloon” his size up to 9.8” - yeah right! And he also flatly bashes PE, he claims that jelqing can “destroy” your cock. Yeah, it really destroyed mine - turned my erections into stone & increase my size volumentrically by 70 percent (some “destruction”).

If anything, I’ve found that extensive edging can get me up maybe 5% more length over a “standard” erection (nowhere near 40%, of course).

Lin is a snake oil peddler, plain and simple. And he bashes the most effective methods of penis enlargement, then throws a bunch of 50-cent terms at you to get you to shell out your $$$ for his unproven supplements.

If you can figure out how the hell to do ballooning, and you enjoy it, fine - to each his own. But even the poster who advocates ballooning clearly did other forms of PE - which, I would argue, were actually responsible for his gains (not the ballooning).

He also warns men not to exercise PC kegels because it will only cause premature ejaculation. Fortunately you can fix any related problems from PC kegels by reading 250 cases.


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