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Fowfers effectiveness

Fowfers effectiveness

I know fowfers are good, but are they AS effective as ADS? The reason is because I made a cap’n wench for ADS but I’m uncut and its not very comfortable. How effective are fowfers exactly?

Start: 6" length, 4.5" girth / Now: 6.1" length,4.7" girth 1/10/08- 6.25" NBEL length BPEL 6.75" 4.7" Girth

2/12/08- 6.60"NBEL 7" BPEL under head girth- 4.7" base-5"

Time PE'ing:8 months Goal: 10" length, 7" girth My progress thread with pictures: Imasleep's progress thread.Journey to 10x7! Check IT OUT, I have alot of questions posted there with no answers please!

As far as I know, no one has claimed erect gains from fowfers. I think people do fowfers to increase flaccid length.

That being said, I’ve been doing an active modified version of fowfers that I think has the potential to increase EL: Modified Fowfer for Erect Length

Fowfers increase flaccid lenght, but just like an ads don’t really improve erect length unless at high tension

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