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fowfer/tucking for all day stech


fowfer/tucking for all day stech

hi, first post on this forum, not a newbie thow, some of you may know me from, and those that do will know that i make v. long posts, so i apologise to those of you who dont like (or cant, lol) to read a lot.

i would like to totally recomend that everybody start doing fowfers, and tuck during the whole day.

for those that dont know, a fowfer (inveted by fow1, i believe) is essentially where you grab your member, pull it up between your ass cheeks and sit on it, for a bit. for more info do a search here or at peforum.

the tuck (first posted by DLD, i believe) is basically what mangirls (crossdressors), do, its similar to the fowfer, except harder, youve got to pull your member right up between your cheeks, so it stays there, im 4.6” flaccid now, and i have a bastard of a time getting it to stay, but once its in, theres not to many problems.

for more info do a search.

just thought id recomend it.


p.s. wow this post isnt really long, maybe a sign of things to come.

Shooting for 9"

Do we know of any kind of underwear that would help the stretch

ie tie a string to the penis and pull it back with the back of your boxers

ive never found it necessary, i can usually tuck it in within a couple of minutes, and then im set for, well at least a good hour or so.


Shooting for 9"

Well, I thought I’d share my experiece with Fowfers and hope to get re-edumacated so I can take advantage of them.

I only tried the version where you pull it back and sit on it with a butt cheek, not BTC. It really turned the glans very dark and obviously was completely smashing it and keeping blood out.

So how is it properly done - with it completely BTC? How do you keep from smashing down the head and allow blood to enter? I think the Fowfer is a good idea and I want to be able to have that constant stretch.


I just can’t seem to do this stretch, my balls are in the way I just can’t get comfortable.


I'm with you DINO

Sitting on your balls is no fun at all.

Any clues to help, guys???

Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

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OUCH!!!! You guys are nuts! (no pun intended)
I think that fowfers may be effective for some, but I also think that one must have some level of comfort with his PE. Sticking my pud up my ass wouldn’t be comfortable - I’m sure. Also, I have to believe that there will be a gradual slippage that will negate/minimize the stretch put on the ligs and require a lot of “re-tucking”. If some of you have good experiences with these maybe I’ll reconsider, but it’s unlikely. I have had much better luck by stretching under my legs (I learned this from Goingdeep - thanks Goingdeep!). In any case, I hope that you guys stretch it to your knees.

Best of luck


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!


If you lean/push forward a little while doing it, a) you are not squashing it BTC and the pull is further up towards the base, as in BTC hanging, and b) it is more intense and its not likely you will be able to withstand more than 2-3mins of it. Fow did it for up to an hour I believe.

And as for crossdressing, go for it, but then the looks at the bulge will be non-existent ;)


i put it between the cheeks, and i never have any problems with blood flow. as i said it takes a bit of work, and you cant do it discreetely (spelling???), but once youve started you can fowfer all day.

and if you can manage to tuck (substantially harder), all the better, you get the fowfer feeling when you sit and a (slightly less intense) strech when you stand or walk. it is difficult to do, but doesnt fall out for me, if you have problems try bending over to get it BTC, and then stand up, oh, and baby powder helps it stick.

hope that helps.


Shooting for 9"

I’ll try anything that makes PE sound easy; however this is not easy. P9, didn’t you suggest a similar sitting stretch awhile back?

1) At least one ball is always uncomfortable
2) This doesn’t work for me at all when walking around without constant readjusting.
3) When sitting I couldn’t last more than a few minutes
But, 4) it does give some major stretch to the lower shaft so maybe there’s some logic to it somewhere.
5) I think I’ll pass. Since I’ve finally got crotch buldge after a year and a half of various forms of these self-tortures, I sure don’t want to tuck it away!

Last, the feeling of this tucking fow is not unlike what somebody either here or at PEF described as a “library” squash for girth: You place your mostly erect unit on a tabletop and press down on it with the flat of your hand, or both hands if you can manage the pressure. This gives a very intense lateral stretch along both sides of the shaft. But the advantage of the squash exercise, at least, is that there is some relief at the end because you get to quit after whatever number of reps!



Does anyone do nothing but fowfers?

<------- You likey?

If you don't take the time to do the PE exercises how do you expect to gain? The fairy godmother of PE?

Langemann might.

Originally posted by stevie31
Langemann might.


<------- You likey?

If you don't take the time to do the PE exercises how do you expect to gain? The fairy godmother of PE?

Hmm I tried fowfers, am I suppose to feel a stretch? All I feel is pressuare from the body but no stretch.

For me, it depends on how far back I pull my dick before sitting on it (that sounds weird). I usually feel a slight pull. Not as much as manual stretching, but it’s definitely noticeable.


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