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fowfer/tucking for all day stech


Thanks for the under-the-leg suggestion, this is a better sitting stretch for me than fowfers. Allows pressure on the shaft rather than the head.

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I tried this and think it is fine for an hour or two at my work desk. I tuck my balls way up front so I don’t sit on them and reach from behind and pull my dick up between the cheeks so it lays over my asshole. I even had the lip prints embedded in my dick head after one session. It seems to keep a medium stretch on so I will continue to do it. I suppose your chair and ability to lean a little can make a big difference in circulation. Mine hasn’t been dark yet. Even after an hour.

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Anyone else using tucking for extra stretching with PE, these days? I’de like to hear your views.

I have off & on Tucked with success.

Been doing it for years; great for flaccid.

Has anyone seen erect gains from fowfers? From what I’ve read it’s mostly used for anti-turtling (which is very debatable if it’s even necessary) or for flaccid gains. I’ve personally been too inconsistent with my fowfers to evaluate the results.

I’ve been doing fowfers after my daily routine, to heal the micro years while keeping my member in the elongated state. I do Jelqs last, so the glans is a bit tender, but since starting, I definitely notice more flaccid length.

Once I noticed the flaccid length gains, I started doing fowfers at work during my downtime just so I wasn’t sitting idle. I think they’re excellent. Hanging longer flaccid was one of my dreams of PE. I’m only just over 4 weeks and and it’s already starting in the short term? Sign me up.

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So I’ve started doing these stretches, I’m pretty comfortable doing them for an hour or so before adjusting for blood flow. In all the stuff I read on them people generally say it’s for flaccid gains. I’m not understanding that though, why wouldn’t it translate into a larger erect size? Tension is tension why would hanging or other methods produce different out comes?

If your dick is shorter like mine is, you can tuck it between your sack and thigh. I do this is bed sometimes after i stretch and its really warm. Seems like my flacid is better on days after i do this


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