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Found this in the old posts, any thoughts???

Found this in the old posts, any thoughts???


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I’ve been PEing for about 5 months now (this is my first post) and I tried the hypnotic PE for the first time yesterday and WOW!!! That shit is great.

-first i warmed up for about 10 minutes

-did some deep breathin to relax my mind

-turned of all the lights in the room

-*I then turned to those music chanels on cable, you know the ones, i think they start at ch. #401. Well anyways I fliped to the atmosphere chanel for some soothing hypnotic like music. The music chanels have blue screens which turns dark blue after about 5 minutes which gives a great affect.

-I then leveled myself on the couch so that when I start to milk my dick it will be directly in the line of my eyes and my TV screen. This gives the best effect because the room is so dark all I can see is the silhouette of my dick in fron of this dark blue screen, this chanel also has a flashing light that flashes around on the screen so it is like my dick is beeing spotlighted/worshiped on stage

-with my mind in a translike state Im saying to myself that I have the biggest dick in the world.

My dick felt great and huge after this session. My girth from this session didnt even go down untill late into the next day, which is today. I cant wait to do this again. It was such a calming yet exciting spiritual feeling!!! It feels as if my dick will grow to 10” if I keep this up!!!

OH and by the way, I just got creative one day and decided to break open a capsul of Androstenodoine w/ Yohime (TwinLab) and mix it with a small about of CocoaButter (what I use to jelq) to do my routine and after two days I could see a difference in my size, I measured my self and grew 1/2”, I dont know if it was a measuring error or not, but like I said, the only reason I measured was because I saw a difference in my size. After that I hadnt used Andro in my routine for about 2months because I was down to my last capsuls and I was saving them for working out, but then i said fuck it and used my last 2 and again I measured and it seemed as if i grew, this time a little less than 1/4”

Im a broke college student so Im all out of Adro rite now, but I cant wait to restock and try some Andro w/ my new routine

FYI - I started at around 7”x5” and now (after 5 months) I measure at 7.8”x6” and 8”x6”(on a good day)

PS- I find that my errections are engourged w/ blood (which are my 8” days) when Im physically in shape (now I see why girls go crazy for basketball players)


I had a more exciting session, I drank a case of beer then sprinkled pixie dust all over my pee pee and it grew to an astounding 8 feet long. It didn’t last, however when I woke up it was back to the original size.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I'm really doubting

I don’t believe andro would have any effect mixing it with your lube. Not a chance. I think this guy is in a fantasy world.



thats a good one luvdadus! LOL!


Re: I'm really doubting

Originally posted by BelowAvg
I don't believe andro would have any effect mixing it with your lube. Not a chance. I think this guy is in a fantasy world.

Hi Guys !

Now I just have to put this in - its a QUESTION really, NOT an answer !

The outfit where I bought my pumping gear, sells a load of other stuff, as you might expect. Their customers appear to be mostly young “straight” guys, but they also cater for us other lot too ! They also cater for the ED crowd which includes me ! (Hospitals refer guys to them with ED).

With my pump and cylinder, came a bottle of Lube. I didn’t order it, it just came as a freebie, no doubt to generate more return sales.
Now this stuff is supposed to contain all kinds of herbs etcetera; obviously they don’t exactly spell out what the contents are, though I think the law in the UK is just about to change on this, so we might just find out !

I was frankly totally sceptical; for the fisrt couple of weeks, while I was trying to get into a pumping routine, I just used a “standard” lube (if there is such a thing) (Please see my post elsewhere on this site - re Lubes etc) So, once I’d got my pump technique on the road, I thought I’d substitute my usual glycerine lube for the fancy stuff they’d given me.

Now, I don’t know what’s in this stuff -it costs twenty English pounds normally - but I wouldn’t pay that, not likely (!) BUT - surprise surprise ! when I used this stuff, after pumping my usual newbies routine my cock was hot and rampant, and stayed up at about 5 or 6 inches or more flaccid for several hours ! True ! I’m not kidding ! (Now I have diabetes, so I would not mislead you guys on a thing like that, I need all the help I can get !).

I phoned up the suppliers and asked them if they would tell me roughly what the lube contained, and they were naturally very cagey, but said it contained several standard supps, including Arginine and other aminos, but they wouldn’t say if it contained Yohimbe or not, so that’s as far as I got

I think it was LedZep who was talking to me about supps in lubes, but he recommended Yohimbe and L_Arginine as a routine size & hard booster. Now in the UK I can’t get the Yohimbe, but I’m starting with the Arginine and Ornithene, which seems to have done something nice for me, those are of course ORAL Supps. I don’t know if LedZep was kidding me or not, as he didn’t get back to me. I guess he just thought I was an English idiot !

Ideas Anybody ?

All Best to ALL of Ya !


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