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Found The Connection!

Found The Connection!

I’ve just found out the connection between jelquing and impotence. You know, when a few people say that they’re not having boners anymore cause of jelquing? Yes, it is mental…very much. I read something interesting earlier. It said that thinking of something else while having sex is the way most people get impotent. For example, thinking about your mother so you can last longer in bed will eventually take out all the sensitivity in you. So what does this mean? Do you guys remember the first time you jelqed? It was hard to keep the boners down, right? But now, you can keep your dick limp while jelqing for a full 60 minutes. Why? Your thinking of something else, arent you? That way, you don’t get boners. BUT, the thing is, the brain gets used to this kinda thinking, and stops your arousing senses full-time. I think I found a way to correct this, but I’m not sure if it’ll work.

Just think of sexually arousing stuff while jelqing. Yes, you will have boners, but at least it’s better then going impotent. If you guys have any ideas, just post. Hope this helps.

Hi TityWhity nice to meet you,

So you’re saying think about sexually stimulating things and you will become sexually stimulated.

You know, I think you might have something there :)

Damn brilliant my friend.I was thinking of that myself too also goes along the same lines of positive mental attitude about PE helping with gains. Good work.


WOW! I mean double DOGGITY DOG WOW!!!! THis guy is a genius! We should be so honored to have him in our presence!! LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL. Dude, why the hell would you think of your mom during sex anyway??? I usually have a slideshow program (Iview32) running with a bunch or sex pics …it’s not hard to stay hard enough for my workouts.

Thanks guys. I dunno, some people think of their mom while having sex to keep themselves de-sensetized. Or it could be their uncle, or a fat man they saw, but a lotta people that wet-jelq have some problems with keeping their boners away, and changing the image in their heads is a way to keep it down and flacid.

You guys may be somewhat sarcastic, but I think this guy hit the nail on the head. Everyone’s body is always adapting to different needs, and if you’re using mental pictures to stop an erection while you are actually stimulating yourself then eventually you no longer get erect.

The problem arises when you’re mind can no longer decide what needs to be done. You’ve been telling it to not get hard when its getting stimulation, and then later on you want it to get hard when its getting stimulation.

Makes perfect sense…glad I’m young enough not to be affected by this too much….I hope ;)

Dear TityWhity, thinking about your mama gets me hard! Sorry… sorry… Just had to say that. Yep we are a bunch of sarcastic bastards.

My problem with jelqing was always the opposit; I couldn’t keep partially erect while jelqing. I can stay hard, quite literally, all day for sex. Jelquing was a real problem for me, thank God for Mr. Bib & his all purpose miracle hanger. Yes, I can get hard by thinking about Marge Simpson (just kidding.) But then I get a full on pound a nail into concrete hard on. Don’t know how you guys manage a half hour or more of 60% wood.

Yes the mental conditioning thing is rather obvious, and yes we have talked about it before. It is a good caveat to bring up every little bit though, this isn’t something that most are likely to find or even think of looking for with a search.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

You’re forgetting that when someone thinks of thier mum or whoever they choose to subdue a full erection then they are doing so fully volentarily.
They still have the power to not think of either turn-offs or turn-ons or they can even think of some hot chick to get the boner rock solid.

In other words we are in control of what we think just I use agressive music or negative thoughts to discourage my stiffy’s (I really wouldn’t think of my mum though as it would be too warped).

Knowing how to harness our ability to dynamically alter our thought patterns at will, I beleive can help immensly.


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