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Found my Bib Hanger

Found my Bib Hanger

I moved out of my parent’s house over two years ago and most of my posessions went with me. I had to leave some stuff behind for a month or so (or so I had planned) until I could make some room for the rest of it. Of course, as I was packing I made several careful sweeps to ensure there weren’t any PE memorabilia laying about. The one item that I couldn’t find was my Bib Starter. I hadn’t used it in a year or so and since I had searched every corner of my closet and room I chalked it up as lost and moved on and forgot about it.

Well, a couple of weeks after I moved out my older brother ended up moving in the same room while he was going through a separation and piled all of this stuff in my old room, and I was unable to get the rest of my things and clean up. I had everything I really “needed” so I never thought about it much.

Last week, he moved out and my parents emptied the room and cleaned it out totally. Guess what turned up? Right, the Bib Hanger. I went over this weekend and my dad picked it up out of my box of crap, and asked me if I know who it belonged to or what it was. Apparently they had passed it around to everyone else before I got there asking if anyone knew what and/or whose it was… How awkward… Anyway, he handed it to me, I “looked it over”, gave a shrug and a “I dunno”, and threw it back in my box of crap to “sell on eBay”.



Oh that’s the wire hanger from the server at my old job :) . That’s really funny bro I could just see the whole family passing it around:)

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I can just imagine poor old ma and pa size passing it around during bridge club meetings to other elderly church goers. Maybe even the Reverand thought it was some home made candle holder? Well, at least you found it my friend. Still doesn’t compare to Jelktoid’s story. But enjoyable nonetheless.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Yeah I was having flashbacks of reading jelktoid’s story.


Is the Bib hanger still sold? Or else you should sell it here, if it is still working.

Dude - your crazy. 5'9" and 165 lbs. (174 cm. and 75 kg.) Come on Crazy, do the workout. Dammit. Need motivation. My rutine. Lenght: Manuel strech, hanging. Grith: Jelc, Sadsak Slinky, Ring. Curve: Jelc and errect bend against the curve ELBP......EG..........Date 7.500.....5.500......2001-07-15 8.250.....5.750......2003-03-15 8.500.....5,750......2003-06-13 - stopped for 2 years 8.250.....5,750......2005-06-13 9.000.....6.500......Goal

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