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Forward from here, IPR or Hanging or?


New to PE

So , why don’t you like hanging ? Any directed to anyone reading: what is IPR? And how can some one hang over their shoulders ? I’m very new PE and thinking about ordering a Bib, size-Genetics, bath-mate x30 and a clamp from Bib site, for this routine:

Mon, wed, and sat - stretch and hang in the morning; jelq and clamp at night before bed

Tues, Thurs and Fri : stretch and pump morning; size-genetics Thur the day

Sundays off

Does this sound good? Please help wit helpful advice. Thanks.

Come on now. Use the “Search” feature. Don’t come in and hijack my thread. It’s just bad manners.

With the “I phase” micro cycle, does one do a workout, followed by as many hours as possible in and ADS and/or cock ring, followed by two days off, or do you do that on day one, and then an ADS/cock ring without a workout on day two, and then the third day completely off? I’m confused as to the “P phase” of the IPR micro cycle, is what I’m saying I guess. Initially I thought day one, workout and ADS and or C ring, day two ADS and C ring, and then day three completely off. But rereading “finding Xeno” yesterday I am kind of confused.


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