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forum suggestion

forum suggestion

Women can enjoy several orgasms sometimes multiples ones (especially if the partner does PE). We can get 1 or 2 sometimes 3 but rarely more orgasms in the same love cession. Moreover, the more orgasms we have the more depleted is our energy, whereas women seem to increase their stamina through orgasms. Isn’t that unfair. Besides, we spend time trying to help them having more pleasure not focusing on our own pleasure when involved in PE. I understand the necessity of being well equipped, for the ego and so on, all the more I’m myself into PE, but I was wondering if it wouldn’t be interesting to work on the pleasure aspect: the male orgasm and naturally the MALE MULTIPLE ORGASM.

What I suggest here is a new forum dedicated only to MMO. There are several techniques but they are all delicate to learn. It would be interesting to share experience in order to understand the mechanisms of MMO. Adding the MMO dimension to the penis improvement program is my goal.

Sounds good to me :)

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Actually, I’ve been able to get MMO without ejaculating a few times, just by “letting go” the CONTROL. You can’t believe how you feel, it’s incredible. In addition, when it happens, you can stay hard as long as you want because you’re in a relaxed state. The problem is that I can’t reproduce these MMO on a regular basis. I want to major in this area.

I’ve worked on this for quite a while now and would be willing to help out. Well………maybe when trout fishing slows down a little more :D .

Whats wrong with the Men’s Sexual Health Forum?

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I thought it was important enough a subject to justify its own forum

Two thumbs

It is a very important topic indeed, but I doubt if it is necessary to start a new forum just for this. I don’t think we will have enough posts to support this new forum. The “Men’s Sexual Health Forum” seems fairly enough. Or, should we open new individual forums for jelq and stretch?

As far as the MMO practice, I tried twice last week after reading related threads. I could achieve 4 or 5 multi-orgasm by holding kegel just before the ejaculation of each time. At the first 2 or 3 times, I didn’t ejaculate at all or only had one drop come out, but I came at the both last 2 times. The difference was, the first come was still under control, and the PC musle didn’t jump. After 1/4 amount of total come came out peacefully (hope you know what I mean), the further come was stopped by constantly holding kegel, and the cock was still rock hard. However, after this, at the last time I totally lost control and ejaculated, and the PC musle jumped by itself. Kegel wasn’t strong enough to stop the muscle jumping and the ejaculation. However, I think if I started to hold kegel a bit earlier, I could have even more times multi-orgasm and prolong the ejaculation as long as I want. So guys, don’t forget to train your PC muscle by constantly doing kegel exercise!

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