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Originally posted by cocoal
gains seems like a good criteria - who has 2” gains has sliver, who has 3” gains has gold and 4+ get platinum ;)

4 inches?!? How many people gain that much? How many people want to? I think maybe it should be 2 gets silver, 2.5 gets gold, and 3 gets platinum. Or platinum can be reserved for those who reach or exceed their goal. I dunno, it just seems like with 4 inches being the standard, you’ll have like 2 people with platinum. Just a thought.


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wan2Bbig, you might want to check out :) Ironically, the method for a hardgainer is to work out less and recover more….

On topic, I think the attribute to measure is percent increase. It’s logical to me that someone with a natural 8 inches would more easily gain an inch than someone with a natural 3 inches. I could be wrong, especially considering the possibility that someone with a natural 3 inches might have some extra ligament to expose or whatever…. but the main point is that someone who goes from 5 inches to 6 inches has accomplished more in my mind than someone who goes from 8 to 9. Going from 8 to 9 is like upgrading your Ferrari for a Lamborghini…

I think the idea of an 8” club is reall, really, wankery.

In fact, I saw it on TV - there actually already IS an 8” club. A real club. Full of fucking wankers…

I hereby nominate myself for “Forum’s biggest Tool”.

Even if I had a ten inch cock, I wouldn’t join a stupid “club” for it. It’d be full of guys anyway… and I like girls.

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some one metioned they would feel sorry for a bloke who had as much girth as a coke can , thier is a guy in the members pic’s who has a fatness like that its called something like = i neeed a hand ) but he loves it and wants more ! food luck to him and check it out ! laters



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