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foreskin restoration- which devices is the best?

foreskin restoration- which devices is the best?

I realize there are other threads on this topic but I’d really like to get a consensus view point if there is one on THE most effective and most economical foreskin restoration device.

There are clear winners for pump- LA Pump and clear winner for hanger- the Bib but I haven’t noticed one for foreskin restoration.

I am dead set on getting foreskin back as I beleive it is the cure to two sexual problems- difficulty getting hard then premature ejaculation. I have trouble balancing between the two.

So I’d really like to know what everyone thinks the best device is. Thanks guys



T-tape is the most economical and it works without compromising the circulation like the mechanical devices do. My glans is always at least half covered when flaccid and that’s all from t-tape. I haven’t done any FR for several years, but when I was doing it actively it took about a two years of on and off commitment to get where I am today. Like PE, FR is not something you can do quickly.


The above site is dedicated to foreskin restoration.
Having purchased products from this company I can say that the service is 1st class.

I’ve had some success with the Tugahoy. I think the website is

I’m laying off the foreskin restoration until the PE work is complete (and to think I’ll be in my forties when all the work’s finished!). I think I’m generating enough extra skin in PE-ing anyway and might end up with a foreskin anyway!

I think the T-tape method is the most economical and from the people I’ve talked to, also the fastest. It still takes a long time though. This week, I’ll be 2 months into FR and have already grown a lot of new skin. With tape, you can wear it almost all the time. I got great information from, and I met with one of the guys who ran a norm. meeting and he went through every device imaginable. It depends how much loose skin you have right now to use some of the devices. Tape works on even the tightest circumcisions. I’m just starting to jelq and hope it doesn’t inhibit any restoration gains. The idea of wearing tape on such a sensitive area scared me at first, but it only itched for the first day. By the end of the first week, I already had noticed a huge difference with my glans. Sex is so much better after only 2 months, I never doubted going at this for the long term. It’ll be about a year for full coverage flaccid from my understanding. Hope this helps. Good Luck.*

I have heard of several different devices people try, such as tape, and ball bearings. Something I came up with fo free was; I took an eye wash cup from a first aid kit, put flacid head in it as much as possible, then stretch the skin (I have quite a bit) around the plastic cup thing. Looks a bit funny, but it works and gives a prety good constant stretch all the way around the skin.

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