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Foreskin restoration question

Foreskin restoration question

I have been cross-taping for some time and I finally switched over to a homemade FR I made which can be found here.. Amo9812 - Homemade FR. I was wondering if I restore my foreskin will the skin still be able to be tucked back, so it looks somewhat like a circumcised penis. My girlfriend likes the look of a circumcised penis but I want the benefits of a restored one so when I am not running around nude with her I will have the skin covering my head but if I am with her or in a public shower I want the skin rolled up. Will that be possible?

It will take months to years before you get any glans coverage that would significantly alter the appearance of your penis. Once you become even slightly aroused, chances are the skin will roll right back up anyway until you have grown a lot of new skin. Depending on the size of your flaccid dick though.

It’s a long haul for sure. I’ve tried 3 methods and I am pretty comfortable with T-taping aside from having to carry a spare one around with me to put on if the one I am wearing fails.

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Thanks Wt, I just don’t want a foreskin, I do not really like the look of it ya know? I want the benefits though so if I get a foreskin I want to be able to hide it whenever by tucking it up. Who knows, I’m gonna try it though. I never T-tape, hows that work?

Originally Posted by amo9812
Thanks Wt, I just don’t want a foreskin, I do not really like the look of it ya know? I want the benefits though so if I get a foreskin I want to be able to hide it whenever by tucking it up. Who knows, I’m gonna try it though. I never T-tape, hows that work?

Just out of curiosity, what benefits are you referring to specifically?

If you gain enough skin to cover the glans, it will act like a protection mechanism. For me, keeping the glans covered takes a lot of embarrassment away from being naked. To me at least, it feels like I am wearing some type of underwear even though I’d be completely nude. T-Taping is going good, I’m gaining a lot of girth from it (possibly a small amount of length, but I am not 100% sure on that).

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Well I read it improves the feeling and gives you more intense orgasms because it protects the glans. It also gets ride of a turkey neck and helps gains. I might try t-taping though I got to look it up because I have no clue how to do it.

Yes, you are on the right track with the benefits, so why would you want to have the glans uncovered unless you are aroused?

Here are more benefits/what is lost:

and here is a site on how to make T-tapes:

I was going to make my own T-tape pictorial series and put them on the net, but my digital camera got stolen by one of the assholes who redid our kitchen… I wonder what the reaction will be of the person who sees those pics I had on the memory card :D

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LOL! That’s funny, I will keep my glans covered all the time though, unless my dick is in view of people (which is not too often)! I am going to have to try t-taping though, it seems less noticeable and more effective, thanks for all your help Wt!

I posted in your other thread. Basically, a t-tape will be much more effective than the device you’re currently using. You’re probably getting the exact opposite (more turkey neck) effect with your current device.

If you’re talking about being flaccid and still having the benefits of a foreskin without the look of a foreskin, you’re out of luck.
But if you’re talking about being erect and still having the benefits without the look, then you are. Naturally, some guys’ foreskins retract back to the look of a circumcised penis when erect. It acts as a sheath but exposes the glans when sex is near.

I say don’t worry about appearances so much, the benefit of extra sensitivity is worth it. If you’re desperate, I guess you could just tape your flaccid foreskin back when in public :)

If you restore your foreskin and have enough to cover the glans, yes you can skin it back and it will likely stay that way for a period of time. As wt indicated, it takes a lot of skin to keep it forward since your ridged band was removed during the circ. However, it will likely look a bit odd from all the skin bunching and, depending on the amount of skin, will probably go back on its own after a bit.

Seems like your better choice would be to address the girlfriend’s view of an uncut/restored penis. This way you can restore enough to get *all* of the benefits instead of just getting the ones that happen from being covered all the time. I am specifically referring to the gliding sensation during sex as you won’t really hit that (depending on whether you are a grower or a shower) until you have enough skin to slide over the glans easily while erect.

Also keep in mind that this process take quite some time. So there will be plenty of time for you or her to change your mind along the way. It just seems kinda silly to me to even bother restoring if your major concern is what your girlfriend thinks about it aesthetically. I mean, is your girlfriend even going to be with you by the time all of this is said and done … what happens if the next one doesn’t like it all, gonna get chopped again?

Sorry if I sound harsh, but restoring your foreskin, just like PE, is something you gotta do for you. Her opinion shouldn’t affect your decision other than to indicate that if she doesn’t support you in this (something that affects the very core of what you feel and experience) then she probably won’t support you in other important things. It isn’t like you are getting a tatoo that she doesn’t like - there is more at play here than the visual aspect. Many guys who have gotten push back from their wives at first end up with great support from them as they realized the importance and the benefits. Hope that happens for you to.

- Chris

Thanks Chris I see exactly what you mean and I am going to restore for me, I plan to make a T-taping device this weekend I just need some suspenders or elastic or whatever that first item is. Thanks for the huge response it really put things into perspective!

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