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Foreskin restoration... OSL8???


Originally Posted by trips
Wow. I’d say look into restoring. I still consider you lucky for having your fren though.

I remember reading a story about a man who spent most of his life uncut. Got circed to “fit” in. Spent years like that miserable so he restored. Said sex uncut was a 10, sex cut was a 3 and sex restored was a 7. All I’ve known is 3 all my life, so 7 would be more then double. Still pisses me the #*@% off though.

trips, yes…

I’m really glad to have the fren, and yessir I first started looking into restoring quite some time ago. I asked my Dr Peewilly about it and what did he say… “No such thing as restoring… I don’t think so, no, never heard of. And besides you don’t have to wash it so often now”. So I consulted google instead.

I replied to your thread about your restoring device. A few weeks ago I started with a homemade TLC inspired thingy. I’m going to replace one part of it and then give it an honest try; actually I’m determined to restore, and I think this device will work quite nicely. Very easy to make and very quick and accurate to attach/detach. We’ll see about comfort, but 20-30 min sets with 4-5# seems very nice and safe. There’s no silicone or similar on my device; I don’t see that it should be necessary when just using it when haning weights. For ADS, silicone is probably quite useful though, but I don’t plan to go down that road unless I find it necessary.

How much weight:tension do you use with your device? Are you doing ADS?

P.s. About the story above, do you remember if the guy lost his fren or not? Fren or no fren, I feel it’s safe to say that glans sensation will increase plenty more than enough to be worth the tedious task of restoring.

I think restoring is probably possible, as the foreskin forms part of the tunica covering when erect so vice versa should work too imo especially with fren intact.

I’ve only just started to toy with an ADS. To early to give you much feed back. I made a silicon cone and I use tape to hold the skin to it. I chose silicon because it is used in scar reduction and it pretty soft. my original intent was to make a cone in the shape of my glans but I haven’t gotten it worked out yet.

I don’t use weights, I use minimial tention from an elastic band.

For now you might forgo an ADS altogether. When I first got started I just pushed my glans down, pulled the skin over making sure there was tension on the inner foreskin, and cross taped.

I hope you work it out into a comfortable routine. No doubt, this stuff will take some time but we don’t want to lose out on the recovered sensitivity; I can tell you that much, since mine was intact for 18 years.

Good luck with your ADS :up:


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