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foreskin puffed up! help.

foreskin puffed up! help.

Hey all, been out of PE for a few weeks and started off again a little too intense with me jelq workout. Now, the foreskin just near my glans has really kind of “puffed up.” Its like its swollen or something. Hard to describe, but I’m pretty nervous about it. Any ideas what might have happened? What should I do?

I’m figuring this is the “donut effect” where too much fluid has entered the area. This just happened a few minutes ago, so does anyone know any immediate treatments that I should do?

Rest your unit for starters. Let the puffiness go down. Then when you do start again in a few days, don’t overdo. You only have one cock, take care of it.

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Cool. Thanks for the advice. I’ll just give him a break and wait till things settle down.

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