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foreskin narrowing OUCH

foreskin narrowing OUCH

hey folks

I ve got the problem thats written in the title (foreskin narrowing) it looks like a string is attached from the top of the penis to the bottem, so that it cant strech as hard as it could while having an errection…

this also means while having sex when it tries to strech OUCHHHHH just motherfucking pain…

I hope everybody understood the explanation…

does anybody knows what to do in such a situation? is surgery the only whay???

thanks for reply

I am either getting the wrong mental picture of what you are talking about,or you very badly need to see a doctor. I am not very versed on injuries,because I’ve never had one. I get a thrombosed vein vision while reading you post,anyone who has had one please help this guy. Nemesis,in the meanwhile please do a search for thrombosed vein to see if the symptoms are similar. I am hoping others with more knowledge will chime in. If you are sure this is not the case,then please explain more.


probably people that have foresking narrowing will know what I mean…stng like that is hard to explain if english isnt your mother language…but I am going to paint a picture and put it into the net…

so if anybody knows what I am talking about, a reply would be nice thank you (I dont want a surgery :-( ((()

Well, painting a picture would help since we are not in the same room as you,pain while fucking your girlfriend does’nt tell a whole lot. If you don’t put your location in when you register no one knows that English is not your first language


let me explain it like that: a skin part is attached from the bottom of your penis to the top, its on the backside of your penis…normaly it shoulndt be a problem to strech that while having an errection…in my case its like…hmm imaging a Bow - if you trie to strech the bow, what happens? right, it wont work because of the long (is that the right word? I mean the kind of sling that is keeping the 2 ends of a bow together)

and in this case, this “wont work” just fucking hurts (at least the 5-10 first times after not having sex for a while)

Am I the only fucking single person that has got that problem?

It sounds like you have a short frenulum. Stretch it as often as you can and it should get better. You can stretch it forward by pulling the foreskin forward away from your body, and back when you have an erection.

yes, that is a good idea…but…would you jump up and down if you have a broken leg?…

ok this is the right expression that you gave me in your topic…short frenulum, its exactly that…I allready visited some med sites that say you shouldnt have sex with it (therefore you shouldnt stretch it to hard because it will cause traumatas) and the best solution would be surgery…

…how bad…I have to find a certain dr in my country…


there’s no other help then surgery if it doesn’t heal, I’m afraid.

The frenulum is a very sensitive area and if you have a crack in it, well, that’s where the pain comes from. And the crack comes from pulling your foreskin back way too far!! It might be a tiny little tear right on top of the skin part of the frenulum and it hurts like a motherfucker.

Especially in the shower. Give it some rest, wash the area around it only and keep your foreskin over your glans for a week or so. If it doesn’t heal, go see a doc.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike


Do not make the recommended surgery, you don’t need to. Instead you can stretch wide your frenulum with your finger continuously, after a time it will grow and let your skin glide over your head without problem.

There are also some easy self made devices that can help you make your frenulum grow wide…

Of course, you should let heal the skin gash first.


wow thanks for all the replys…thats really nice…so, I finally paint a picture because I think it isnt exactly 100 % what you all think…

look at the picture (you have to enlarge it) its the red painted string that is attached on the top to the bottom, I think this part is to short…so that it cant stretch enough while having an errection…

do you know if this is also called “short frenulum” I dont think its the same “classification” of mistake?!…should I just often stretch it? because I dont think it helps…or shall I go to see a dr (because this should be the last solution…)

thanks to all of you folks

oops forgott the picture

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That was excatly what I was talking about.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

oh ok..thx…well Im gonna see a dr…

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