I too am uncut and get the dark bruising or discoloration on my skin around my glans area. Since my PE routine right now is comprised of mostly hanging, these discolorations are always present. So, I thought I’d try a little research of my own.

Based upon the concept that Bib discussed in the “wrapping to remove discoloration” thread linked above, I stopped completely with hanging and switched over to only jelqing for my PE workouts, followed by wearing a cock ring to extend the engorgement period. It has been 3 days since and the darkness is about 75% gone. This is great! I am going to continue with this for a few more days to see if it is completely eliminated.

Iwhogan & Modemmer -
You’re probably right about the discoloration fading over time. But, how much time does is take? Personally I was getting worried about it. About a month ago I took 2 weeks off from PE / hanging. I found there was no improvement. The discoloration remained just as dark as it was before the 2 week break. I was worried that it wouldn’t ever go away.

Good thread guys.

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