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For those who tweeze...

For those who tweeze...

Hi everyone…

Tweezing is the only option for me, cause shaving is becoming tedious and doesn’t do the job that I want it to. Plus, it lasts longer.

But, I was wondering, are there any creams or lotions that I can put on my the base of my tool to desensitize it for a bit while I tweeze? Anybody know?

Have you tried taking a long hot soak in the bathtub? Softens the bristle and takes the edge off the feeling.

regards, mgus

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Hot baths work for me as well. I even tweeze the scrote!

It does not hurt nearly as much on growbacks.

One more thing. Don’t think you have to tweeze it all at once. Just do a bit and then put the tweezers away. Then just do a bit more next time. I have the tweezers where I stand and pee. When I go take a leak, I tweeze just a bit each time.

It is a pretty bitter pill to swallow when you try to get them all at once. Sometimes it can bring a tear to your eye! Ouch!

Hope this helps.


“For those about to tweeze, we salute you!”

Couldn’t resist.


Thanks guys…I’m definitely gonna try a soak in the tub next time…

Mrs V absolutely loves it when I tweeze. She says she REALLY likes it and
that is good enough for me…………


Quik, try stretching your skin taut with your free hand while you pluck. Loose skin hurts a lot more than tight skin.

Seeing your name just gave me a childhood memory of chocolate milk.

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Orajel? Haha.


I used to tweeze - but NOW, I use a hair removal product in addition to Bikini Zone; the hair removal product takes it off, and the Bikini ZOne keeps me from having any red bumps at all . Try it!

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Originally Posted by Ramrod
Seeing your name just gave me a childhood memory of chocolate milk.

I was hooked on the stuff as a kid myself…actually, I still am!

But the name is in honor of my favorite, contemporary music artist: DJ Quik


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