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for those who havent gained!

for those who havent gained!

Your penis is not a separate entity from your body. It is part of your body. So if you are in poor health you should not expect your penis to be in any better health than the rest of your body. If you are under great stress, deprived of quality sleep and rest, suffering from an illness or are just malnourished due to a nutritionally deficient diet, you may lack the penis performance that you desire.

not reinventing the wheel……………

I agree. Healthy body=healthy dick.

Combine PE discipline to an overall fitness program and you will feel better and increase self esteem.

I have found that so much of PE is centered around good CV circulation.

Keep the lungs and heart healthy and PE will be much more rewarding.

Walk, jog, ride a bike. Get that old ticker going.

be back soon

This subject has past through my head before, but my doctor recently said i’m in great health :) I also eat foods high in protein and calcium. I barely eat junk food.

In my opinion, visualizing gains, and releasing the negative thinking that holds back may do for most along with Good health.

Visualize every night you hit the bed, visualize yourself with having a bigger penis NOW.

your mind will play tricks and say no, you can not have it silly (for your own reasons and insecurities, remember this is what is holding back the gains, and not your technique)

Release those negatvie thoughts by accepting that feeling(will take away the sting),
ask yourself if you want to hold on that negative feeling
then ask yourself will you the negative thought go.
then ask yourself when

Visualize, release
Visualize, release
Visualize, release

after every release, it is amazing but your visualization will become easier with less negative thoughts trying to prove you wrong.

It will be hard in the beginning, but it will get easier and it doesnt take more then 2 minutes while in the bed.

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Conscious vs. Subconscious


I’m just expanding on what you started so please correct me if I’m unwittingly misleading others.

When you are fully awake your conscious mind wants to call the shots and cannot accept far fetched ideas unless you sneak them past it. Thus, it won’t allow you to defeat negativity.

In contrast, when you are sleeping your subconscious mind will do what you have programmed it to do like a good little soldier.

From what I have read you can program yourself to release negative thoughts at those moments when you are about to drift into sleep and just as you become awake in the morning. This is the time that you can access your subconscious and convince it to do what is best for you. Visualization combined with positive thoughts “at this precise time” should do the trick.

I’ve been looking into it lately because I feel there is a component to success which I have not tapped.

As far as good health is concerned I agree that everyone should strive for it but many claim to have gained when they are smoking and drinking, losing sleep to PE, going through divorces, etc. Mind over matter? I hope so…

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