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For those who do squeezes

For those who do squeezes

How long do you squeeze for and what level of erection do you use?

I use 90- 95 % erect and use one hand for the OK grip just under the head, with the other hand in the OK grip at the base. Then, I squeeze at both points, and slowly bring the two hands together in the mddile of the my penis, stopping when there is about a half an inch between the two. Then, repeat. I just started doing this last week after conditioning my dick using regular jelqs for 3 months.

As I am still new here I am not certain how long to do this exercise for. As I browse this site I see that most routines involving the squeeze call for very short squeeze sessions - 5 minutes or thereabouts. Is this the norm? I ask because I do 15 minutes of squeezes. The exercise feels so good and is so addictive, that I want to do more. Am I seriously overtraining?

I do squeezes and other similar exercises like ULIs and a variation of dry jelqs as girth routine because I think this gives me a much better workout than doing jelqs for hours. However, I workout only 20 minutes every other day to avoid overtraining. I tried to workout more often in the beginning, but then my dick still felt sore from the workout the day before and my body didn’t respond to the workouts (my dick didn’t grow).

I also usually wait until all the red spots have disappeared before I work girth again.

"Denn wer ewig strebend sich bemüht, den können wir erlösen"

Goethe, Faust II

I think you can do girth work at least once a day over a shorter time period. It’s always recommended to always have one day a week off though. Since I’m mostly interested in girth I tend to put a lot of work into various squeezes and head pumping and I tend to do them for about 15 min each. Works fairly well so far, a pretty drastic increase in flaccid girth.

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