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For those contemplating Penile surgery

For those contemplating Penile surgery

Hello all,

This email I received from Ken, a moderator of yahoo group called “Surgical_Enlargement_Forum”

I normally don’t do this but I believe that this might help others who are thinking about getting “it” done.

Please find the email below ——————————————————————————————————————

I will openly agree with all regarding the tile of “Surgical
Enlargement Forum” and the original goals.

The problem we have is that there are too many men going to less than
capable surgeons with results that in many cases are disappointing
and in many more have become their worst nightmare.

In the beginning, I was one of the biggest fans and proponents that
these surgical enlargement procedures have ever had.

I am the product of a medical family. Because of this, I originally
approached this issue as a man “looking at the world through rose
colored glasses”. My own awakening to the “truth” was a slow and
very painful one. It has also been a more recent one because the
procedures themselves are in medical terms in their “infancy” with
regards to development and long term experiences. ALL surgical
procedures have their “growing pains”, and penis enhancement is not
an exception to this rule.

I met Gary Griffin in 1989 and had an association with the Gary
Griffin that lasted until his passing. I was the other writer for
the original “P.P.Q.” when Gary was ill towards the end of his life,
and when Gary’s Company went on to others after his passing, I was
the exclusive author of the final three issues of the original
publication. I can assure my detractors that there was no individual
who was more “Gung Ho” about this in the beginning than I was.

I have had to “eat-crow” on this, and dining on “crow” is never a
good tasty meal.

I do remain in endorsement of the lengthening procedure. If well
done, it can have positive benefits and results can be pleasing to
the eye and the “operator” of the penis in question.

I have (as have many others) pulled my endorsement of any of the
current girth enhancement procedures. The LONG TERM prognosis of
those undergoing this procedure has not measured up to acceptable
standards. As each new procedure has come and gone, we have seen
numerous promises from all of the surgeons. The first was: “Lipo
transfer is the best thing going, we suck some fat out over here and
we blow it back in to the shaft of your penis and you are all set.
Well, we all know that the success rate on that one was not a
winner. Then we were almost simultaneously gifted with both Dermal
Grafts and Alloderm. Dermal Grafts had more mixed results, created
incredible scarring at the harvest site, and in many cases the long
term result was no better than the Lipo-transfer procedure because
the additional girth was re-absorbed into the body. In order for
either the “transfer” or the “graft” to remain, it has to develop
it’s own blood supply. In the graft procedure some did, but the
greatest percentage did not and the graft was re-absorbed. The other
thing has been Alloderm. Alloderm has also had mixed results. The
techniques for using this substance are changing and have evolved.
The long term prognosis of Alloderm is at present not looking that
much better than the techniques which have come before it. As time
marches on, I am afraid we will find that this too will be abandoned.
Some have already abandoned it and the girth enhancement procedure in

I have also in this group, over time, witnessed a great number of
fellows who based on their desire for success totally ignored all of
the statistics and information available to them on phalloplastic
surgery. The “hype” or presentations of some of the surgeons are so
good that they cover the facts. They promise the moon, take the
money, and then leave the patient in the “lurch” when their promises
didn’t exactly materialize.

Most of you who are at this site are here because you have already
been to those sites dealing with “manual manipulation techniques” and
vacuum. Many of you have tried it and done so diligently. You are
here because it was NOT a rousing success. As much as I have seen no
supporting well documented evidence in my more than 31 years of
research meeting medical guidelines for manual manipulation
techniques, I still try to keep an open mind. There is some evidence
in support of vacuum if done with common sense, but the gains
(particularly length) are minimal and take a great deal of time.

Right now, as of March 29, 2005 ALL we have are a couple of surgical
procedures which cost a great deal of money and are less than
wonderful with regards to long term success rates. There is, as of
this date, no commercially available medication or preparation either
over the counter OR by Rx that will enlarge a male penis. As with
research into other medical treatments predicting an exact date that
something will be available is impossible. But, with medical science
we have seen Rogaine and Propecia for better or worse and it was not
that long ago that it was said hair regrowth was impossible too.

I have served as owner and moderator over the years of several Yahoo
groups and I can with little hesitation explain what makes them work
and what kills them.

They work and thrive when people express ideas and have dialog with
each other. They fail when the initial momentum and idea pool dries
up and the focus becomes too narrow.

If we had to depend on Surgical information alone for this group it
would have died and been buried long ago. It is the other stuff that
creates discussion. Some agree with an idea presented, and some
disagree and it is that “discussion” annoying though it may be, that
keeps a group like this going.

When this group has started “lagging” on postings it has been the
more open minded that have awakened it from “sleep”.

I also want to express agreement with the use of the term “magic
pill” because what ever comes down the line will not be quite that
simple I am certain. Even in my own mind, the term has connotations
which connect it with all the bogus crap that is available on the
Internet and advertised in Infomercials. I have personally used that
term because I cannot think of anything better. I have also used
that term to “encapsulate” any and all methods devised by LEGITIMATE
medical science and research that DO NOT involve surgical
intervention. If some other individual has a better term, I would be
happy to adopt that one instead. I am certain that others interested
the many methods which have been discussed over time on this form
would also agree.


Go Celtics!

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Wonder if he has ever actually tried PE?

Running a Massive Co-Front.

And don’t forget me.

Interesting stuff. My only criticism of a man I don’t know is the fact that he doesnt know that manual PE works and for someone supposedly around this for 3 decades he should have found Thunders. Let’s call him up and invite him over. Since there is a cap on memberships we can kick out one of the other guys here and make room for him.

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

Surgery and Penis in the same sentence make me cringe.

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