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For house

For house

I have the following for sale, send an email or Pm if interested. The prices will be low enough to sell quick. PAYPAL ONLY, sorry.

1. Bib Hanger(Production,Starter), this is well used with a little gel wear. The pretty little beads are gone and I’ve cut about a half of an inch of the bottom adjustment screws so I could carry it in my pocket at work. The price on this will be $45.00, which includes USPS Priority shipping with delivery confirmation and insurance. I’m sure Bib would put new gel on this for a nominal fee, he is a good man and very generous.

2. TLC Ventless Tugger Package- This will include the ventless tugger, regular “Your Skin” cone and an over-sized ‘Your Skin’ cone and Comfort Tug straps. All of this is over $50.00 new, I’ve used it once and have sanitized it afterwards and stuck in drawer in plastic bag. It is recommended to place in boiling water often to clean it. The price on this will be $25.00 which will also include USPS Priority shipping with delivery confirmation and insurance. More info can be seen at this website

3. Thera-Band- One box of Black(special heavy), 6 inches wide and 17 foot long, it was 18 foot and I’ve used about 1 foot of it. This will be $10.00 same shipping method as above.


All item are sold, I truly appreciate all who replied.


Are you retiring or did you get new equipment?

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Dino, not retiring fully but slowing down. I have had great luck with the Bib, but feel my lig gains are to the max. Currently, I am trying to fix some self made mistakes, it seems most of the skin that was “borrowed” came from the scrotum, my balls hang off my shaft. I knew about the ball wraps but hated them with a passion, I figure some upwards jelqing with an emphasis on stretching my scrotal skin back down will make things appear normal again. I bought the supplies for a Wench yesterday, I am going to put it together at work tonight. I also tried the upper hanging and it wasn’t my style, I’m too damn hyper to be tied down with upper hanging, I love being able to move around too much while hanging.

As for the Tugger, it really wasn’t for me, I have to much of a lump of skin under my head for it to work right. The Theraband, well I think it sucks, sweat shirt material is much more comfortable to me anyways.

Thanks, Alice


I had the same thing with the ball skin, all you need to do is stretch in the shower every day it’s amazing with just a few minutes a day you can stretch your balls. I just grab them with an OK sign grip and pull down for about 10 seconds. I can’t say I have big balls yet but they are getting to that point and considering I had tight small balls from years of PE I’m very happy about it.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Yes, I am hoping they will drop down to my ass while making my cock look bigger in a seated straight up position. It would definitely show what I’ve worked my ass off to get anyway.I am seeing some improvement.


That’s good advice Dino.

Just stretch them a bit after going to the toilet (gently!) and the heat from a shower or bath helps.


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