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For or against a veiny unit?


For or against a veiny unit?

Just wondering what you guys ( and girls hopefully) opinions are on veiny dicks.

Do you think they look good or bad?

I love mine. So does the wife. Lot’s of texture :)

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Much much better, thanks.


I have always been veiny, I used to think everyone was the same. So I am used to it. I think it is good. Looks mean.


Bigger veins make penis’ appearance much more masculine… and mean.

A Man behind his mask.

Veiny dicks work much more efficiently than a smooth wearing a ribbed condom. And they’re sort of “cool-nasty” looking, too.



It seems all posters thus far like the veiny look. Mine has become much more so since doing PE, especially on the underside. I love the look of it like that.


I love mine also! It has the nice, tough colorfull badass look to it.

Especially right after some horses….whoa man!

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Great responses guys, Thanks!!

I have a really fat vein on my dick and lots of smaller ones and I wansn’t sure if it was a turn on or turn off for women and I guess thats why I asked the question. I agree it does look kinda mean and It probably provides extra stimulation!

I like the veins on my erect unit but since the time I started PEing i have quite large veins on my flaccid even in its smallest state which I dont really like as much.

Again, thanks for your responses, i would love to hear some more from the rest of the guys on here.


Works both ways - erect or flaccid. The veining just indicates that you are developing a very healthy penile vascular system.



I don’t know about the girls, but I dig my veins.


There is no replacement for displacement

Veins make it look bigger and better.

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I don’t know, I’m starting to develop a big vein on the right hand underside of my penis.
I was starting to get concerned because I thought it would be a turn off.

I’m sort of surprised, and left wondering if it’s not so bad after all, after reading what you guys think.

I might think it looks mean, but whether a woman does is a different matter.

I’ve heard many women say how they like muscular men, but they also said that sometimes they find it too much if they’re too muscly, because of all the veins. This kind of made me suspect that they wouldn’t like veiny penises also.

I would prefer to hear what women think,…if they generally like veins, then I’ll start liking the look.

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