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For all you "short" guys,,,a question

They have supposed ways to increase height a bit. They have some books published on it as well as a few websites. I saw documented where Tai Chi practiced by the elderly was able to get an inch in height to an old woman. That was in my Psychology of Stress class. It is even more controversial than PE. I never really investigated it cause it would be a moot point for me. Like I want to be even taller and have more of a bitch with clothes.;)

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Height Increase

Originally posted by Nedd
I was wondering whether there were any ways to increase height.

Yes definitely height increase is possible. I would be very grateful to share information with you and everyone else interested. Here are some helpful resources:

Journals: Similar to the stretches we do in PE to make our dicks longer, there are stretches and exercises to get taller. These exercises are usually organized into a journal so that readers can have a routine for themselves. The exercises are really rigorous and tiresome and require alot of dedication but are promising. I personally think natural stretches and exercises are the true secret to growing taller so if your interested check out this site it has basic exercises you can do and alot of introductory information concerning height growth such as nutrition, HGH, growth plates and much more, its also the best place to start.

I also have a bad ass journal which I’ve just started using. It’s very comprehensive so if you’re interested provide me with your email.

Forums: Height has always been a problem for many individuals so you can find alot of forums concerning height increase. The downside is is that these forums are plagued with scammers who post fraudulent claims. Corporations such as Prolex, HeightMax, B-Growth, Height-Increase (all of which are generally the same corporation), are complete scams. The sad part is that these corporations would go so far as to post in forums posing as “innocent satisfied customers” so they can lie to people and promote their false product. Luckily there are a few honest forums out there which provide you with alot of information. Here are the links to the forums I usually browse through: - a really informative forum, lots of members, and scam free. - scam free, not many active posters though.

Well I hope I provided you with enough resources and information (if you need more information please feel free to pm me) I wish I could tell you guys more about the other growth methods such as HGH injections, music hypnosis, and self-inducing giantism but I very awful at explaining things through typing so Ill leave those options open for you to read about at the forum links I provided. If only I could make a height forum…

One more thing always remember to never give up hope.

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Yoga works wonders. Also Karate, weight lifting, dancing and meeting all kinds of women.

Keeps you really fit and trim.

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Except, you better be packing!

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I have a hard time believing the height increase manuals. For one, I’ve been to just about every forum and you never really get an honest testimonial. It’s not like here at Thunders where men are getting results.

Hey at 5’6 I’d really like 2 inches, even though 2 inches isn’t that much bigger unless you’re talking penis size. I have one of those journals from way back and it never did anything for me.

I think the only way someone benefits from stretches is if they have very bad posture and are losing height because of it. As far as the cartilage, well, at 5’6 I’m proportioned. If I was to thicken the cartilage in my back and gained inches I’d start looking like a cartoon character.

It’s the legs folks. Most taller people i see have long legs moreso than a longer back with short legs.

I’d really love to believe that HI works. Most of the testimonials you’ll see in the forums are people trying to get paid by affiliate programs of these HI companies. There’s no monitoring and no way to tell if one person is in fact many people. Forum marketing is not a new thing and does work.

Once the one person comes forward with proven pictures at my age of 27, then I’ll start thinking. Too bad i don’t see that happening.

One more thing:

OneArmedScissor, those exercises on that site you provided are from the course I bought awhile ago. I was a little let down because that manual helped me none. Plus I’m starting to notice that these HI exercises are geared towards guys ages 24 and under. Even though they are touted that you can get the inches above 24.

I’ve been in different forms of martial arts (Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Shotokan) most of my life and have short legs. It says that guys like Bruce Lee had long legs for his height because of the kicking. Most of the old Kung Fu masters were short men, I’m talking under 5’5.

Now I’m wondering, at age 27 with an intense kicking routine if I can add inches to my legs. I mean come on, 2” isn’t that much more length, why not be possible? On the downside, how many years?

Something to add along with my PE.

Well guys, I guess being average is better than anything else. I am not 6’7 tall neither 5 inches dick. Actually I am 5’7’ tall and 7.75 inches dick. Way over 30 years having pussy out there and never heard one single complain. Besides that I have a acondition called delayed ejaculation what really make girls loving me. I can give than multiple and multiple orgasm.The only kind of woman who would hate my sexual performance would the prostitutes. They wanat to make their money fast and I take forever to cum on then.

Good luck for all you guys.


I would never trade my looks for a big dick. I think aspect - face especially,height,frame ar by far more important than dick size. (if the dick is average size of course). Imagine that there are lots of endowed guys out there who don’t get enough action because of their looks inspite of their big dicks. No woman (or the majority anyway) would be interested in a guy’s dick in the first place if he isn’t visually attractive.

So I would prefer to have an average dick for the rest of my life if getting a big one would mean that I’d lose some height or change my overall look.

I’m 6’2 btw

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I agree with Mr. Huge. A big dick is just icing on the cake. Could you imagine ladies going to the strippers and drooling over a tall, fat, ugly guy with a massive cock? No way. A tall, *lean*, *muscular* guy with a large package is what they drool over. You can control how your body looks, as well as cock size with PE. That’s pretty good.

I think that your ‘package’, is part of the complete package that you offer to the ladies. Height, looks, body, personality, ambition, success, etc. and cock size all are factors.

Your cock size doesn’t even come into play until you’ve got them naked in your bedroom. And there are many, many factors that will determine if you can get them in the bedroom.


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