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Fluid buildup

Fluid buildup


I started noticing fluid buildup or the donut effect right below my glans a month ago. I took a break from PE for a month now , but whenever I get an erection it still seems to be there. So my question is will anything happen if left alone? Can I still continue PE?

I get fluid buildup every time I clamp it goes away after 2-3 hours,I don’t see why you still have it after a month.

It usually only will last a couple of days tops it’s strange that you are still getting yours. I only get it now and than but it usually gone the next day. I really don’t know what to tell you I would most likely start PE again but nice and easy at first I can’t say if that is the right thing to do though.

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It usually lasts only some hours for me too. The longest I ever had this was a full day, but still, after resting it was gone.

No guys for me if I do stretches or get an erection it appears

I get fluid build up every time I P.E.( wet and dry Jelqing) as well and I was wondering if this is a pretty common thing. But I have never experienced for more than half a day. Does anyone out there think it is bad to get it every time. I pretty much take it as a sign that I had a good P.E. Session. Any thoughts?

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